Black spot on skin

Black spot on skin

Black spot on skin – Melasma is a disease. Meelasma is described as dark spots, black spots experience by many womens after some age.

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You will find many articles about melasma over searching on Google. Some are saying that they will cure dark spots in 3 hours, some are saying that I will cure black spots in 3 weeks. Some are giving home remedies but there is lack of scientific knowledge.

I will give you only scientific knowledge about melasma. I am telling you the one magical ointment that will cure dark spots completely. Also some tips and tricks, when you follow these tips then you are dark spots will never come again.

Melasma causes

Melasma is women specific disease, that means it found mainly in womens. This is characterized by is dark spots appearing on face, mostly affected areas of face are cheeks, forehead, nose and around lips.

Black spot on skin

Most of the women will get melasma after first pregnancy, pregnancy is the triggering factor.

Womens who are getting oral contraceptive pills for longer time, that means for many years, she will experience dark spots.

WOman who have outdoor jobs like salesman, pharming etc. She will exposed to UV rays of sun, UV rays are are the most common cause.

Genetic factors are also playing role. Grandmother to mother and mother to you this disease will run in families.

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Melasma treatment

The most effective cream is melamet cream, skin light cream, no marks cream. The content is hydroquinone, mometasone and tretinoin.

This cream should be applied every night on your face, for whole night. Wash the cream after bathing yesterday.

There is most important thing to remember that most womens will experience allergic reactions to that cream. To avoid this, while applying for very first time, you should apply a little bit of cream over your face.

If you experience redness, swelling pain or itching over that area, then you are sensitive to the drug. Stop it immediately. Don’t use this cream in future.

If you don’t experience redness, pain itching over that applied area, then you are not sensitive. Then you can apply this cream. Use this cream for at least 3 continuous months for better results.

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Dark spots home remedies

Every time while going into the sunlight , apply the sunscreen lotion overall your face. if this is not possible, then cover all your mouth, face with stole.

Apply Vaseline or moisturizing lotion on your face before going to bed everyday.

If you are taking oral contraceptive pills for longer time, then stop it immediately. Use alternative contraceptive method. You can use condom or copper t for this purpose.

There is much more importance in keeping the skin well hydrated. For this purpose you should drink at least three to four litre water everyday.

Eat plenty of green vegetables and salads. Make 1 fruit everyday as a habit.

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Stay fit stay healthy.

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