How to increase oxygen level in blood

How to increase oxygen level in blood

How to increase oxygen level in blood – In our clinic majority of patients asking me about how to increase oxygen level in our body. Many of them are covid-19 negative but some of them are covid positive. This question arises in everyone’s mind .

Many of us are familiar with pulse oximeter. They brought a pulse oximeter in their home. To check oxygen level 3 times a day, for self and their family members. If oxygen level is down then they gets panic.

So today I am telling you the allopathic medicine to increase your oxygen level within only four days. And some tips and tricks and some home remedies also, for taking your oxygen level up. How to increase oxygen level in blood.

Normal oxygen level

There is normally 94 to 99% oxygen , this is a normal range. But I would suggest you the only 98% and 99% of oxygen is normal. Because I have seen many patients of 99% Oxygen and having covid-19 infection . If your oxygen comes down to 97 and below then you have to take measures to improve oxygen.

How to increase oxygen level in blood ?

Tablet ferimax XT – one tablet in morning after meal for 14 days. Tablet limcee Vitamin C 500mg – one tablet at night after meal .

Tablet Pan D – one tablet before meal every morning. liquid papaya juice – 2 teaspoonful of papaya juice mixed in water 2 times a day .

The all measures should be taken for 14 days, but I give you a guarantee that your oxygen level will rise within 4 days. Coconut water benefits

Home remedy to improve oxygen level in blood

You have to concentrate on healthy and nutritious diet. Fruits are also important, one Litchi fruit and one Kiwi fruit. You have to take in a day to improve your oxygen level.

There is one fruit which is easily available that improves your oxygen level. This fruit is banana. You have to take two bananas in a day.

If you are QUARANTINE, then choose a well ventilated room . Which permits a good amount of fresh air. If not, then prefer to stay in a balcony for longer time.

If you are a single person quarantined in a room, then do not wear a mask. Mask brings down the oxygen level.

Respiratory exercises

You have to perform 15 minutes of respiratory exercises. Which are Pranayam , kapal Bharati , anulom-vilom . For exact procedure, you may see the Ramdev Babas video on YouTube and copy the same .

Respiratory exercises of breathing , helps in improving your oxygen level. How to increase oxygen level in blood explained in detail. Thank you.🙏🙏

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