Encephalitis Japanese

Encephalitis Japanese

Encephalitis Japanese – In today’s article we are discussing about acute encephalitis syndrome. In India this disease is called as Chamki Bukhar that means Chamki fever.

Let’s know the symptoms of acute encephalitis syndrome . The causes of encephalitis Japanese and tips to prevent encephalitis virus. So let’s start. read this post in hindi.

Acute encephalitis syndrome is one type of brain fever. In which infection and inflammation of brain tissue occurs. This is also known as Japanese encephalitis.

Causes of encephalitis Japanese

It is caused by a virus called as Japanese encephalitis virus. It is also caused by some bacteria and fungi , toxins and low, immunity are some other reasons.

Recently the pandemic of acute encephalitis syndrome occurred in some districts of Bihar. This is call caused by mosquito bite. This disease has spread through the bite of culex mosquito.

Japanese encephalitis virus is found in some pigs and birds. When this mosquito bites to pigs or birds primary and then bites to a human within half an hour then ; there is a chances of spread of this disease.

This disease also spread through a fruit called as Litchi . Litchi is a fruit contains a type of toxin and scientist found this disease after eating Litchi.

symptoms of encephalitis virus

The primary symptoms which one can experience within 7 days of exposure. these are headache , dizziness, acidity, nausea , vomiting melaze, lethargy.

Children’s experience anorexia and anger irritability

As the disease progresses some other symptoms are found . These are loss of hearing , neck pain, neck muscle cramps. These symptoms look like hemiplegia, decrease in power of one side of hands and legs.

Other symptoms are epilepsy, irrelevant talking . Some patients may experience very low level blood glucose levels.

Treatment of encephalitis Japanese

If this symptoms if you see this symptoms in your friends and families or your children’s. Then you have to consult to your family doctor as early as possible.

For the purpose of diagnosis your doctor will perform MRI , antibody test , CSF test , blood test . If he found and confirm your diagnosis as acute encephalitis syndrome; then you have to admit in hospital.

Tips to prevention acute encephalitis syndrome

Many countries have vaccine for this disease. They also included the vaccine in their regular vaccination program . But in India there is nothing like that.

You have to avoid Litchi fruit and tell your children’s not to eat Litchi. Read more – high protein diet for vegetarians.

You should keep mosquito repellent creams ,coils liquidators and roll on , gel in your home for regular use.

Don’t let the water to be collect in your surroundings. Empty the pots, tires , if there is any water collection. Keep neat and clean your surrounding area.

Acute encephalitis syndrome caused by encephalitis virus explained in detail.

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