Zika virus baby

Zika virus baby

Zika virus baby – Today’s topic is zika fever. Zika virus spreading widely in India. Everybody wants to know the full information about fever. So I am telling you about what is zika virus?

How to prevent zikavirus. And the causes and the symptoms of zika fever. At the last – treatment of zika fever and prevention from the disease. Zika virus baby. So let’s start.

Zika Fever is a viral disease. Viral disease means is it is caused by virus. What is the name of this virus ? zika fever is a disease like dengue and malaria. Read this post in hindi.

Causes of zika virus baby

How does coronavirus spreads ? It spreads through mosquito bite. It spreads through to the female of Egypt Egypt mosquito. It is Egypty mosquito. Mostly it bites in morning and evening.

The other reasons are unprotected sex. Unprotected sex means, sex performed without protection. That means condom. Second reason is infected blood transfusion. If donors blood contains zika virus and its not screen properly ; then this is the cause.

The third cause is organ transplant. That means liver transplant , kidney transplant or skin grafting. If graft has this virus then this spreads.

In pregnancy, pregnant woman gets zika fever. This transmits to her newborn baby. This will get many more complications. We will see next.

Symptoms of zika fever

Zika virus enters in human body ; it takes three to 14 days to develop the symptoms. 90% peoples develops mild symptoms and only 10% people develops severe symptoms.

The symptoms are – high grade fever is the main symptoms. Red rash appears after 2 to 3 days. Itching all over body. Conjunctivitis means watering eye , pricking sensation in eye. Eye pain and red eye.

Severe body ache. Specially a joint pain is prominent . Weakness is consistent and patient feels very restless . Headache is the other symptoms.

Zika virus and pregnancy

In pregnancy If Mother suffering is from fever; then many more complications occurs in her baby. The major complication is microcephaly. Microcephaly means the size of baby’s head reduces to up to 30% . That means baby will become mentally retard.

Gullain – barre syndrome

Microcephaly is the symptom of newborn. What happens in adult Adult will suffer from Gyllain- barre syndrome. In this syndrome, zika virus attacks brain tissue and Nerve cells.

The symptoms are muscle weakness. Weakness of both hands and legs. Some people may gets paralysis of one side.

Treatment of zika fever

Zika fever has no specific treatment . There is no proven antiviral drug in fever. No vaccine is approved Till date. The treatment given is only symptomatic.

The mainstay of treatment of zika fever is complete bed rest. With complete bed rest for 15 days, you have to take lots of liquid that means fluids . For fever only Paracetamol is permitted . If any of the severe symptoms occurs then admission in hospital is must.

How to prevent zika virus

Prevention is better than cure. As the fever has no specific treatment ; then there is a must to avoid the disease. Mosquito bite is the main cause of fever. So destroying the Mosquito breeding sites and killing the mosquitoes are more important.

Fit the mesh in every window . Pack the windows and doors all the time . As the entry of mosquitoes not allowed. Apply mosquito repellent cream when you goes outside use heavily auto clean coils liquidators fast card

Empty the pots, tyres and other thing things that contains water. These are the breeding sites of mosquitoes. Clean your surroundings. Use condoms every time of sexual intercourse. That means protected sex.

Zika virus baby and zika virus rash explained in detail. Thank you🙏🙏

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