Sweating on palms

Sweating on palms

Sweating on palms and soles – Hyperhidrosis means excessive sweating to hands and Palms. Hyperhidrosis is very annoying condition. Specially for those who have office work.

Imagine that your hands are sweating too much and your job is of writing. You can’t write with wet hands. This could affect your social appearance.

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Normal person sweats when temperature rises or after the exercise. But there is no connection of exercise and increased temperature for hyperhidrosis patient. Patient sweats even in winter.

Causes of sweating over palms

Hereditary – this disease runs in families. That means if your grandfather has hyperhidrosis, then your father will suffer, you will also get from your father.

Tension – If your personality is anxious or you experience much tension, then you sweats profusely.

Calcium deficiency – Calcium deficiency is also a cause for some patient.

Hyperactivity of sympathetic nervous system – Sympathetic and parasympathetic are two nervous systems present at the Periphery of human body. If sympathetic nervous system get hyper activated ; it sends signal to the Sweat glands. Then sweating occurs.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis

Tablet ostocalcium 500 mg or Tablet cipcal 500 mg 1 Tablet 2 times a day after meal. The course is for 2 month along with antacids.

Potassium per magnet crystals – KMnO4 crystals, take 4-5 KMnO4 crystals , dip it into warm water. Water will turn pink. Soak your hands and palms in that water for at least five minutes.

Dry up hands and feets, apply talcum powder profusely. If you don’t have kmno4 crystals, you can also use salt. Take a teaspoon full of salt, then mix it in warm water. Soak hands and palms in it. further the process is same.

For anxious patients – visit to your family doctor, then doctor will prescribe you anti-anxiety drugs.

Home remedies for sweating on palms

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Always wear Canvas or shoes made up of cotton. It allows perspiration of air. Don’t use formal black shoes or plastic shoes.

Always wear cotton socks. Don’t use synthetic ones. Remember to wear cotton clothes. Don’t wear terrycot, terylene or synthetic clothes.

Cervical sympathectomy

If you don’t observe relief from above mentioned treatment or home remedies. Or if you experience interruption of your work due to excessive sweets.

Then there is a permanent solution for hyperhidrosis. This is a surgery the surgery named cervical sympathectomy. You can visit a surgeon they will perform surgery. In this surgery sympathetic nervous system and sweat gland connection is broken. Resulting in deminished sweat formation and relief from that disease.

botox for hyperhidrosis

This is new evolved treatment. In this treatment injection botulinum toxin injected surrounding sweat glands. It blocks the nerve signals causing excessive sweat. It is very effective treatment and uses in resistant cases.

Stay fit stay healthy ।

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