Get rid of cold weather

Get rid of cold weather

Get rid of cold weather – now the winter season has been started . European countries and western countries have experiencing heavy snowfall. In India also there is fall in Mercury noted.

Because of that cold weather, mani problem arises . Health problem, skin problems ,respiratory diseases etc . We all are experiencing many problems from cold weather.

What happens when we experience warmth in this cold weather. We all loving it . So I am telling you the tips and tricks to get rid of cold weather . Also Ayurvedic medicines .

How to protect from cold weather

We all take tea at morning. Just add some amount of ginger in it. Ginger tea is very helpful in this.

Many peoples are taking green tea everyday . Green tea is beneficial to our health. But you don’t know that taking green tea daily will help you to get rid of cold weather also.

If you don’t take tea, then I am telling you the second remedy for you. Take four- five pieces of cinnamon + 6- 8 pieces of clove Plus half unit of a nutmeg. Grind it well . Store this powder in clean bottle.

Take a cup of milk. Add two to three pinches of this mixture. Boil it well and take this medicinal milk instead tea everyday.

Wake up early and do exercises. Whatever you want for 45 minutes. But some peoples thinks that by waking up early we get more cold. But exercises makes energy in our body . And you will definitely feel warmth after exercise. Rxperience it on first day by yourself.

Used butter and ghee as much as you want in regular day to day diet. Make a habit to take one teaspoonful of honey at empty stomach everyday. Both the remedies will work together.

Take red wine as a medicine to get rid of cold weather . 20 ml 2 times a day red wine is recommended for cold weather Western countries . In India you don’t need that.

Take non veg very much often in cold weather. Meat, eggs, chicken fish are much beneficial.

Tips to get rid of cold weather

Make a roti of bazzery (millet), take this Roti everyday . Apply poppy seeds and sesame oil to eat. It increases heat in the body.

Take one teaspoon full of coconut oil every night. Coconut oil should be refined and filtered of well known brand. Such as parachute . This helps for your lips ,skin and toes. The skin will never dry up.

Sweet potato , carrots and beet . These items which you should include in your day to day diet. These foods have high fibre Carbohydrate and starch content. As you know carbohydrates are very much essential for production of energy.

Take one glass of milk add 1 teaspoon full of turmeric powder + 2 teaspoonful of sugar . Boil it well and take it on evening.

If you follow 3-4 Ayurvedic medicines and tips any of them, then you should feel warmth in cold weather guarantedly.

How to get rid of cold weather explained. Stay fit stay healthy. Vitamin c benefits.

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