Swine flu 2009 pandemic

Swine flu 2009 pandemic

Swine flu 2009 pandemic – Before 10 years swine flu has taken many lives . But after that every year, in rainy and winter season. Swine Flu cases has been found in India.

Nowadays four peoples in Delhi and 20 peoples in Indore Madhya Pradesh has been died due to swine flu. So you have to know all about swine flu 2009 and.. Swine Flu symptoms early signs and basic information.

from last one year whole world is facing the challenge of covid-19. covid-19 is not over yet. covid-19 has taken many lives. But before 10 years a dangerous virus has came and put the fold world in danger. The name of this disease is swine flu.

Swine flu is also known as pig influenza. Because this virus mainly affects the pig. And then via pigs, it enters into human body . The scientific name of that viruses h 1 n 1 influenza virus . This is a virus but more potant than common influenza viruses . And this is most contagious one.

Swine flu vaccine

This virus regularly changes his RNA. After every 1 to 2 years scientist found the RNA changed of H1 N 1 virus. So because of that scientist can’t able to find the vaccine for swine flu till dates.

Why this endemic happens in india for winter season ? Normal cold and flu cases increases in rainy and winter season. On the path of normal influenza followed by virus H1 N 1 . Swine flu came along with it. This winter season, heavy snowfall is noted . Because of very low temperature swine flu cases are increasing.

Swine flu symptoms

Normal Viral cold and Swine Flu has much more common symptoms . Symptoms of swine flu are sneezing, coughing, fever , sore throat, weakness , breathlessness , nausea , vomiting, loose motion , acidity , body ache.

Many of swine flue symptoms found in normal Viral fever also. But the special characteristic signs which are only found in Swine Flu are, severe sore throat. Patient is getting severe pain in throat . Breathlessness like asthma patient. Aciidity , nausea , vomiting loose motion are the symptoms which are not found in normal cold.

When to test swine flu 2009 pandemic

Normal cold and cough, viral fever subside by its own in 7 days with treatment. It gets cured within 10 days without any treatment . But if your cold and cough last for more than 10 days.

And if you have severe throat pain and breathlessness. And you can’t get relief with normal treatment. Then you have to test for swine flu. Doctor may advise you hospitalization. Then follow the advice.

Swine flu 2009 pandemic and swine flu vaccine explained. Stay fit stay healthy. How to get rid of cold weather.

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