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HIV transmission routs -HIV AIDS is an incurable disease. medicines are available, but they only prolong the life of the AIDS patient. no medicine can fully cure AIDS. patient infected with this virus have definitely die after some years.

Till date prevention to HIV virus is the only cure for AIDS. so you should know the transmission routes of HIV virus. let’s start.

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HIV- is HIV a virus? human immunodeficiency virus, is a virus, virus enters into our body and produces a disease, or a complex of diseases called AIDS.

AIDS- acquired immuno deficiency syndrome. HIV virus causes AIDS. AIDS is a complex of many diseases like TB, loose motion, fungal infection etc.

When this virus gets entry into the human body, virus spreads by this transmissionrouts roots. Virus of HIV attacks on Defence mechanism of the human. defence mechanism means macrophages, cd4 cells, WBC. its mainly attacks on cd4 cells and kills them. This results in to low count of cd4 cells.

This virus causes very low immunity. This leads to decrease the strength of human body to fight other diseases. Other diseases like TB, fungal infection, loose motion etc. Human body gets susceptible to other infections And suffer from infectious diseases.


HIV transmission routs

1.sexual contact- when HIV infected person gets physical relation to non infected persons, then second person may get infection. The only condition is that when unprotected sex happens,. Unprotected means without condom.

2. Blood transfusion- The blood of AIDS patient should not be given to a normal person. Because it carries HIV virus. Transfusion of HIV infected blood to normal person will cause AIDS.

Now a days, this possibility became very low. Because almost all blood banks have screening fascility for this virus. If they found virus in the blood they will dispose the blood.

3. Infected needles- some doctors ( bogus )use one needle to multipal patients for giving injections. If same needle is used for AIDS patient and normal person for giving injections. Then there is a lot of possibility of transfering virus to non infected one.

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This problem is mostly seen in drug addicts. One needle is used to inject drugs in many drug addicts at a time.

4. From mother to child- If HIVV infected mother gives birth to a child. There is a possibility of virus transfer through her placenta or through the breastfeeding after delivery.

Other causes of hiv transfer

There is a little bit possibility of virus transfer in saloons. Some barbers use one blade to multiple persons. If hiv infected persons blood is on blade and when this infected blade cuts to normal person, AIDS spreads.

In road traffic accidents, we shows our humanity. Many helps injured persons. But we don’t know who is AIDS patient. When normal person have cut or wound on his body.

There is a chances that when helping injured persons, wound gets into contact with hiv infected blood. virus may enter through this cut. Aids also spreads through this rout.

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