How to become smart

How to become smart

How to become smart – Every girl and a boy want to look better than their friends and batchmates . Not the only girls and the boys, everybody wants to become smart and handsome.

So today I am giving you the tips and tricks to become handsome . If your age is above 40 , then you can also follow this tips and tricks to become handsome . You will definitely look smart and attractive than others.

How to become beautiful । how to become smart ।

To look smart and attractive the most important thing is your face. Your face should be look fresh everyday . Facial skin should be glowing. There should not be any kind of oil or dirt in your face. Face should be always pimple free.

To achieve these goals , you should drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water a day . This makes your skin moisturized . Wash your face after every one and half hour to 2 hour . Yoou can use simple water for that or use any herbal face wash.

Always keep two handkerchief with you. One handkerchief for face only and second hand karchief for hands and sweat. Don’t use same handkerchief for removing sweat and cleaning face.

Boys can apply any talcum powder to face. Girl main use Fair and Lovely and other fairness creams. Always use light shaded makeup. Don’t use heavy makeup and very dark makeup. Dark makeup is not good for your sober personality.

Smile intermittently while talking . Do not laugh lowldy . Smile gently not loudly. Smile for a few seconds only. Not laugh irrelevantly.

Keep away from direct sunlight as much as you can. Sunlight has UV rays . UV rays make your skin darker and full of black spots . If not possible , always apply sunscreen over your face while going into direct sunlight.

Your body should be properly toned and always be in shape to look handsome . Belly fat , overweight body is not allowed . Also you should not be too thin. To achieve these goals you , should perform at least 45 minutes of exercise daily. You may go to gym and make muscles.

Girls can do cycling, running or skipping rope. If you are thin then you have to put on weight . To do that non, vegetarians may take meat , chicken and eggs frequently. An egg daily will put 2 kgs weight in a month. Non vegetarians will take Soybean and bananas daily.

Hairstyle – hair style should be according to your face. Don’t do any hairstyle that will no match to your face. For that purpose you may take guidance of your BarBer. Fllow the latest trend . Don’t grow your hairs on certain limits.

Use styling hair gel to style your hairs. Gel will style your hair properly and make your hair Shiny. If beard and moustache looks good to your personality then , go with beard look. Read more about swine flu

How to become handsome । how to become smart

But beard and moustache should be properly trimmed in every two to three days . You can go in Salon to trim your beard ,or buy a trimmer for market and do the same by your own.

If you are overweight or your age is above 40 years , then this is better not to go with beard look. With beard and moustache, you may look older than your age. It is better to be clean shaved.

Clothes – clothes should be clean and properly ironed every time. Choose the clothes according to latest trend . Thin patient should wear loose clothes . They can wear a jacket also. Keep in mind to match the colour combinations of your shirt and pant. Avoid too much dark shades.

Don’t over use goggles . Use the goggles occasionally and functionally . Wearing watches everytime is a good sign. Buy at least three types of watches according to your dress colour combinations. Spare 1 watch for regular use and other two watches for functional and office use.

Shoes – shoes is not the thing to wear daily, except office going persons . All the ornaments ,shoes , watches, clothes, goggles should be of branded companies and costlier. If you can afford, then you have to go with branded objects only. Necause branded objects look better and they shines well above all.

Walking is the mainstay of personality development. Walking should be medium fast speed. Don’t walk too slow . Vertebral column should be straight while walking. Look straight . Don’t look enywhere while walking.

Brush daily to make your teeth whiter and shinier. Make a good habit of bathing daily.

Do your daily work confidently. Talk freely with your colleagues , family members and friends. Walk confidently , talk confidently. Be happy every time and make everybody happy around you.

Love the children’s , play with children’s . Give respect to to senior citizens . Your nature should be always helping . Help others in their small small problems.

Follow these tips and tricks , you will definitely look handsome and smart . Your personality will become attractive . You will definitely make space in everyone’s heart.

How to become smart and handsome explained.

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