Apple benefits

Apple benefits

Apple benefits – We all have heard this slogan, which is an apple a day keeps the doctor away . This is the right slogan to express the usefulness of Apple to human being.

We all love Apple a lot. Doctor are advising every patients to eat apple for fast recovery . We all are advising everybody To take one Apple a day ,it is beneficial to us.

So in this article we are discussing about contents of Apple, which makes its beneficial to us. And the Apple benefits. Also apple cider benefits so let’s start.

Contents of Apple

Apple is a very rich source of fibre and Vitamin C. The two contents are in profuse quantity. Potassium and Vitamin K also found sufficiently in apples. Other elements which are found in Apple are polyphenols, Carbs, flavonoids ,pectins , antioxidants . These all makes the Apples so beneficial to us.

Apple benefits । apple cider benefits ।

In heart patient – Apple is most benefited to heart patients. Apple strengthens the coronary arteries. The arteries which supplies blood to cut it bring down cholesterol level to normal. This results in uncontrolled hypertension, BP blood pressure control . The incident of heart attack and ccf , congestive cardiac failure are lowered.

Type 2 diabetes – Apple helps to normalise blood sugar level . It has the properties to protect pancreas. The islets of langerhans cells present in in pancreas, secretes insulin . And you all know insulin is a must to regulate blood sugar level.

So one important question arises in many Minds that Apple is sweet, how can you tell us to eat Apple in diabetes? The answer is is the sugar present in Apple is in form of carbs. Carb is a good sugar . Carbs don’t increase the sugar level in blood . So apple is important in diabetes patients.

Bone strength – It helps to strengthen bones and teeth. Potassium and calcium present in Apple, helps bones and teeth regeneration.

Weight loss – Apple makes the sensation of abdominal fullness and reduce anger. So one Apple is recommended a day to lose weight. Apple is full of Nutrition. It overcomes the daily nutritional requirement, which occurs with the decreased food intake.

Constipation – Apple has a lot of fibre content. As you all know fibre is very very very essential to relieve constipation problem.

Hyperacidity – Apple relieves hyperacidity instantly. Hyperacidity people feels the warmth in the area of upper abdomen. But after eating Apple you may observe cold abdomen.

It prevents cancer – As I already told you , Apple has anticancer agents. Which are antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, pecting etc. It prevents the regeneration of existed cancer cells and avoid to form new one.

It increases our immunity and enhances brain functions. So Apple helps in Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss patients. A study proved that , the symptoms of these diseases are much relieved in Apple eaters.

How to become handsome and smart . stay fit stay.

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