Wheat flour side effects

Wheat flour side effects

Wheat flour side effects – We all are eating wheat and products made by wheat flour from years. Many of us eats Roti made by wheat 2 times a day. Roti is a Indian bread made from wheat. Outside India, wheat is also more famous in foreign countries. People eat braid, pizza burgers made by wheat flour.

Some people have totally stopped eating Bajra Jowar , maize millet and other grains. They are arguing that, we love wheat Alot and we don’t love other grains.

I agree there are some benefits and nutritional values present in wheat. But you don’t know the health side effects of wheat and wheat flour products . So today I am telling you wheat flour side effects and side effects of gluten. Diseases caused by wheat flour.

We all have to admire that wheat is the the most digested grain in the world. But it has one dangerous content , that produces all the side effects. The name of this content is gluten. Gluten is very dangerous to our human body. Read this post in hindi

wheat flour side effects

Wheat effects mostly to the digestive system of humans . Because of that hyper acidity, acidity , vomiting and nausea episodes are common. It increases gas production , abdominal fullness, recurrent and persistent abdominal pain and slight backache. Bloating is the another symptom.

side effects of gluten । celiac disease ।

Celiac disease – this is caused by gluten hypersensitivity . That means allergy to gluten. Allergic reaction to gluten occurs at the intestine level . IT destroyed the inner cells and cilia of the intestinal walls.

Because of destroyed internal layer of cells, causes diminished absorption of nutrients. The symptoms of celiac disease are in digestion, indigestion is the the main symptom.

Episodes of loose motion and constipation occurs alternately. In celiac disease, some patient experience toilet urge after dinner or lunch. They find semi solid stools after defecation.

Weight loss and malnutrition – As I already stated, celiac disease causes diminished absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. So it triggers the state called malnutrition. It leads to sudden loss of weight of 5 to 10 kgs.

You are not trying to put off weight or not suffering from any major illness or disease. But weight loss occurs suddenly. In second case, you are thin and trying heavily to put on weight. Bcause of undernutrition you can’t do that.

Anaemia – wheat and wheat flour causes iron deficiency anaemia. Along with other nutrients iron also cant able to enter in human body through gut. As you know, Iron is very important in the production of hb hemoglobin. Finally it’s leads to iron deficiency anaemia.

Allergy – allergic reactions are common. Allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma , psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and allergic skin disease. Red rash occurs suddenly and recurrently with persistent itching. If Above Symptoms recurs with good treatment, think of wheat side effects.

final conclusion

But I have to clear one thing, that only 15 to 20% peoples have experience these side effects of wheat and wheat flour . Remaining 80% population is free from any side effect of wheat flour. That means 80% population will not experience any kind of side effects.

Is 80% peoples , if you don’t experience the above symptoms. Then there is no need to omit wheat and wheat products from your regular meal.

But if you experience some of the above symptoms , then you have to stop taking wheat and wheat flour items in your regular meal . Stop wheat flour products completely.

Roti , wheat Roti that means Indian bread, pizza , burger, vada pav ,toast Khari and other products made by Maida or wheat . They have must be fully stopped and omitted from your meal permanently. It will definitely result in improving your medical conditions and resolve these side effects.

Wheat flour side effects explained. Stay fit stay healthy.. how to become smart and handsome.

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