Precautions while taking homeopathy medicine

Precautions while taking homeopathy medicine

Precautions while taking homeopathy medicine – homeopathy is very famous in the world. Millions of people taking homeopathy medicines each year.

Why homeopathy is very famous? Because homeopathy has a complete solution of any disease. Homeopathy cure the disease completely.

But to get the complete result in hundred percent . Then you have to take some precautions while taking homeopathy medicines . Special caution is taken while eating and drinking. Homeopathy meaning.

So today we are discussing about what to eat and what to not eat, while taking homeopathy medicines. And some tips and precautions to take . So let’s start. Read this post in hindi.

Precautions while taking homeopathy medicine

While taking these medicines some drinks are better to be avoided these drinks are t-coffee in equal drinks that means Thumbs Up Limca Coca Cola

Some hard smelling objects are better to be avoided . These are hair oils, soaps, Agarbathis, dhup, perfumes and scents. This hard smelling objects interferes with the medicine.

3rd thing to be avoided are laxatives and purgative. That mean castor oil , cremaffin liquid , dulcolax tablet , gerbisa tablet, Kayam Churna, nityam Churna etc.

You are not allowed to touch the the homeopathy medicine. Some people take the tablets in their Palm and then eat . This should also be avoided because of touching the medicine the potency of medicine decreases.

Instead of touching the medicines use the cap provided with the plastc bottle. Take this tablets in the bottle cap and put it directly in your mouth. Tight the cap of the bottle properly ;that air could not enter.

Store the medicine in cool and dry place. Medicine should be kept away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children. Read more- depression symptoms.

Milk and Milk products are totally avoided with this medicine. That means milk , paneer , cheese, butter , yoghurt etc. This lowers the effectiveness of this medicine.

Half an hour before taking this medicines and after half an hour you have no permission to take any kind of food or drink.

Some people is on fast . They prefer not to eat anything from morning to evening . This is also better avoided. because homeopathy medicine don’t need empty stomach. You have to take at least one to two fruits in your fast.

Any kind of addiction is stopped immediately. Drinking, smoking Gutka , pan masala you have to stop this completely. Precautions while taking homeopathy medicine and homeopathy meaning explained.

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