Depression symptoms men

Depression symptoms men

Depression symptoms men – Today we are discussing about the diseases, disease that famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput has suffered. All of us know that Sushant is died because of his depression.

He committed suicide. so knowledge of depression is must . That is early symptoms of depression, various types of treatment available and causes of depression. Depression symptoms men , depression symptoms teenager – depression symptoms women explained.

Causes of depression

Today’s fast Lifestyle, heavy work load, family tension, work tension , will of Getting Rich early , these are some causes of depression. There are increasing number of patients noted from recent years.

Some of US are suffering from depression but they don’t know they are the victims. Because they don’t know the symptoms of depression .so lets first see the symptoms of depression. Read this post in hindi.

Depression symptoms men । depression symptoms women ।

Person become hopeless – the don’t have any Hope’s . They don’t don’t possess any hopes from their life. They become very sad. They prefer to be lonely all time.

Patient don’t want to be socialist. He don’t mix in their families and friends. And not willing to attend any kind of function and party. He only stays alone prefer to stay alone.

Lack of sex drive – many people have experienced lack of sex drive. Because of their depression some people even get importance. that means no sex at all.

Sleepiness laziness- Every time they feel sleepy . Patient awake up late in the morning. He is always sleeping in his work, also in his office, in his home. He becomes too lazy to do work.

Suicidal tendency – These people possess a suicidal tendency . Eveerytime they are thinking about to commit suicide. They can express their feeling in front of their families and friends. like Sushant Singh Rajput he also expressed the suicidal tendency and later committed suicide.

Increased appetite – some people experience increased appetite. Increased food intake causes tremendous gain of weight in very short time.

The express and experience many health problems and a same time. They visit a doctor, they visit today for headache , tomorrow for knee joint pain. He complaints bachache on 3rd day , fever on 4th day and chills on next day and so on.

Some patient Express lot of symptoms at a time that means earache loose motions tingling numbness at a time this symptoms have no correlation with each other but is saying that I am experiencing these symptoms

Actually physically he is fit and fine . The problem is in his mind. He is suffering from depression. Because of the depression he feels ill and diseased.

Treatment of depression

If you, your family member or members and your friends ; experience this symptoms, then you have to consult a psychiatrist. He will prescribe you the anti psychotic and anti depression tablets.

Along with these tablets, there are behavioral therapies and psychotherapies to cure depression.

What is behavioural therapy or psychotherapy ? in this therapy there are so many lectures to keep your mind calm. It divert your mind and keeps fresh .

This includes motivational speeches and gives you positive energy. Then you can find your hope from your life.

Along with this ; meditation yoga and Dhyan- dharna also important . Half an hour daily yoga and 15 minutes of meditation can make your mind fresh.

Whats Electroconvulsive therapy

If Any of the above therapies and medication don’t work , then there is a final treatment of depression. This is shock treatment . It means electroconvulsive therapy . In general ECT treatment is known as Shock Therapy.

Ect treatment has 99.5 success rate. That means you will be definitely cured. Unlike shown on films and on media; it is not painful. It means it is painless.

There are many rumours spread about shock treatment , that is thi treatment is very painful this is absolutely wrong.

Depression is a very simple disease. Anyone can suffer from this .So don’t be panic or afraid. It can be cured hundred percent with proper treatment .

Only you have to consult a psychiatrist and obey his orders. Treatment can last two to three years, only you have to be patience.

Depression symptoms men, depression symptoms physical and what’s electroconvulsive therapy explained. Read more jaundice in eyes.

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