Jaundice in eyes

jaundice in eyes


Jaundice in eyes – Jaundice is a very common type of disease. Anybody with any age group will suffer from jaundice. There is no specific relation between jaundice in eyes and climate. It can occur at any age or at any climate.

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Increase in bilirubin level in blood causes yellow discoloration of sclera (jaundice in eyes), whole body skin and urine. This condition is called as jaundice. Jaundice is a very common disease. Everybody in our society should know thorough knowledge about hepatitis and this blog gives you the same.

types of Jaundice, Jaundice causes

Infective hepatitis- This is a viral infection caused by hepatitis virus. Hepatitis is infection and inflammation of the liver. There is total five types of hepatitis viruses, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hapatitis C, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E.

Hepatitis A virus is most common of all. This is non Lethal and self limiting infection. Hepatitis A infection gets completely cured in one and half month. This is a self limiting virus. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses are Lethal ones. Every jaundice patient must be screened for hepatitis B and C viruses.

Obstructive jaundice- liver secreats bile. bile is stored in gallbladder. Gallbladder is the small organ situated at the base of the liver. Bile is transported from lever to gall bladder through hepatic duct and common bile duct.

If external Factor obstruct The bile ducts, then BilliRubin may spread all over the body through blood flow. This condition is called as obstructive jaundice. Causes are gallstones, pregnancy, cancer, bacterial and viral infections, excess alcohol consumption are the major causes of obstructive jaundice.

Hemolytic jaundice- In this type of Jaundice, RBC red blood cells Gates destructed heavily. Because of the injury and bleeding or other reasons like bone marrow problem. Then RBC’s came to liver for degradation.

These causes sudden rise in billirubin level. Healthy liver can bear the heavy load of destruction. But the diseased liver can’t. Patient may experience hemolytic jaundice. In newborn babies, liver is not fully developed. So patient may develop hemolytic jaundice after 7 days.

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symptoms of hepatitis.

Full body skin colour changes to yellow. Eye colour also changes to yellow. Specially the white portion of the eye means sclera changes to yellow. Yellowish eye can be diagnosed only in bright sunlight. Urine colour also turns yellow to dark yellow.

Itching is the another common symptom. As bilirubin level Rises itching spreads all over the body.

Nausea and vomiting- Acidity get worst on hepatitis infection. Nausea and vomiting persist for long time.

Loss of appetite- patients appetite diminishes readily. Patients appetite may came down to one fourth compared to normal.

Abdominal pain- patient may feel abdominal pain in right upper quadrant. Where liver is located, pain is dull and persistent.

Tiredness- patient may experience extreme fatigue. Even day to day work is disturbed and patient only willing to sleep.

Swelling over abdomen and legs- firstly both legs gets affected. Slowly it gets crippled to abdomen. Swelling oover abdomen is alarming sign of chronic liver disease.

Confusion- rising Bilirubin level crosses blood brain barrier and enters into brain. It interferes into normal functioning of brain. And causes confusion and irritability. Patient may speak irrelevant. He can’t understand the situation well. Confused patient needs immediate hospitalization.

Dull and ache headache is the characteristic sign.

Diagnosis of jaundice in eyes

Lft- liver function test is the primary biomarker. Direct bilirubin, indirect bilirubin, SG OT , SGOT, also be measured.

Hepatitis B virus and Alkaline phosphatase should be tested for every patient.

modern treatment of jaundice in eyes

T. Silybon (silly marine) 140 mg one tablet thrice a day. liver tonic syp – 5ml 2 times a day. Inj. Neurokind fort- course of 5 injections alternet day. This course should be completed in 10 days.

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aayurvedic treatment for jaundice

1.T. aarogyavardhini- 2 tablets 3 times a day + liq. Kumari aasav no. 1- 4 teaspoon of liq mixed in equal amount of water two times a day. + liq. Abhayarishtha- 3 teaspoon of liq. Mixed in equal amount of water, two times a day.

2.T. akarliv (arkashala satara)- 2 tab. 3 times a day + liq. Jondex (sandu)- 3 teaspoon of liq. Mixed in equal amount of water, two times a day.

3.T. Liv 52 DS- 2 tab. 3 times a day+ T. Poonarnava mandur- 2tab. 3 times a day.

precautions in hepatitis.

Drinking liquor and taking non veg must be avoided for 6 month. This is most valuable suggestion, you should take medicines by consulting physician only. Lot of patient takes desi medicines. This is totally wrong you should consult your doctor. Hepatitis B and obstructive jaundice only diagnosed by a doctor.

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