Types of IV fluids

Types of iv fluids

Types of iv fluids – Types of saline , When we feel sick, we consult to doctor. Doctor fully examin you and give you the medicines. If you feel very sick then he gives you the injections. And you feel very very sick for very long time, then doctor will advise you IV fluids, saline.

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Many thoughts are came into the minds of the patient, that IV Fluids-saline have how many types? Which are the uses of IV fluids? In which disease which IV fluid is suitable?. In this article I will give you the answer of these questions.

types and uses of saline

There are total five types of IV fluids. RL, NS,DNS, D5 and d10. These IV Fluids came into many packages. Packaging of 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre and 2 litre. These quantities have been used according to patients need.

1.- RL- RL saline-ringer lactate saline , the content is sodium lactate, sodium chloride, Potassium Chloride, calcium chloride. These are the electrolytes, very much essential for our bodies normal functioning. RL gives you sodium, chlorine, calcium, potassium, Bicarbonate electrolytes.

If you have low BP and if your body fluid content reduces heavily, then replacement of only water is not justifiable. Because every water loss causes some amount of electrolyte loss. Only water replacement should not be done, water plus electrolytes is needed for better and fast recovery.

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indications of RL-

Low BP, nausea, vomiting, gastroenteritis, general weakness, loose motion. Rl is the best saline among all this is mostly used by doctors.

2. Ns – Normal saline , the content of NS is 0.9% sodium chloride. This is the best saline for diabetic patient. If BP is very low in gastroenteritis patient, then only RL is not sufficient. along with RL bottles, NS bottles is used to raise water content readily.

Antibiotic injections are only diluted in NS. Antibiotics can’t be mixed in other bottles like RL, DNS, D5. 100 ml NS also used for cleaning wounds.

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3. Dns- Dextrose normal saline, content is 0.9% sodium chloride plus 5% dextrose. DNS is second best option for doctors after RL. Indications are- when patients appetite is deaminished, anorexia is a prominent, symptoms of viral cold and fever last longer. DNS saline is the best option. DNS gives sodium, chlorine and sugar content to our body.

4,5. D5,D10- D5 contains 5% of dextrose, D10 contains 10% of dextrose respectively. Unlike DNS – D5 and D10 doesn’t contains 0.9% NACL. it only contains sugar.

Indications of D5, D10- It primary used in hypoglycemic patients. That means sugar level less than 60 mg per DL. In diabetes patient there is a possibility of sudden hypoglycemia. It can also happen in normal patient.

In this condition sudden increase in sugar level is expected to cure the patient. Very low sugar level and comatose patients, d25 injection is mixture in this saline to rise the sugar level quickly.

Contraindication of IV fluids

IV Fluids are contraindicated in hypertensive patients and asthma patients. Each 500 ml bottle of saline Rises 10 mm of HG BP. The nature of IV Fluids are cold because of that symptoms of asthma may get worst.

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