Causes of cancer

Causes of cancer

What causes cancer? cancer is most dangerous disease. You all know little bit about the cancer. Cancer has three stages, first second and third. In first stage cancer can be cured. In second and third stage there is very little or no hope of survival of the patient.

This blog will discuss about the causes of the cancer. you know very few of the cancer causes. Many of our day to day life objects are cancer causing. We are using such substances for very long long time, without knowing that this will cause cancer.

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cancer causes

Cancer causing viruses- There are so many viruses that will cause cancer. These are HPV -human papillomavirus, IBV- Ipschian baar virus and sarcoma virus. These viruses can cause cervical cancer, skin cancer etc. As per the study these viruses can spread from one human to another via close contact or sexual transmission route.

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Chemicals- there are lots of chemicals that causes Cancer. labours who are working in chemical factory. Hands of these labours are coming in frequent contact of that chemical substances. Colouring labours who colours the house exterior and interior.

Also Mining labours, persons who use corporate xerox machines and printers. These persons having high possibility of getting suffered from cancer. Ink of Xerox machine and printer causes Cancer.

Farmers and farm workers- they are frequently spraying insecticides and pesticides on their crop. On spraying that insecticides or pesticides, they came frequently in contact with these chemicals. Pharmers are using very high doses of insecticides and pesticides on their crops, vegetables and fruits to grow their vegetables and fruits faster.

These vegetables and fruits carrying the high levels of chemicals, insecticides and pesticides which are cancer causing agents. Those who eating that vegetables and fruits daily and these farmers and farm workers are prone to cancer.

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Causes of cancerr

We are using, use and throw cups and dishes, for taking tea, milk and foods. These use and throw products are coated with a cancer causing agent. This agent namely styrofoam. Styrofoam is carcinogenic substance. This melt on coming with contact with heat. It is going in to our stomach and causes stomach cancer.

We Indians are very spiritual. We are using Agarbatti dhoops in front of our God. The smoke coming out from these Agarbattis and dhupes are carcinogenic. We also use mosquito repellents creams, coils, cards and liquidators. This produces smokes and vapours. This is also causing cancer.

As we also know smoking causes Cancer. cigarette smoking, Bidi smoking, hukka etc. are dangerous.

addictions- like tambaku Gutka, Bidi, mava, Pan, Mishri causes Cancer. These are primary causes mouth cancer. Excessive drinking of liquor will cause liver cancer.

Ultraviolet rays of sun, mobile radiations, X rays X radiations, pollutants air pollutants are some of cancer causes.

In females – breast and cervical cancer are most common. heavy use of contraceptive pills, lots of children’s are the causes of cervical cancer. Some mother don’t breastfeed their babies. There ate some other reasons related cosmetics. This is the main reason of breast cancer.

In 21st century hotelling is increased. Junk foods, fast foods are increased. There are much more adulteration in what we eat what we drink. Many hotels are preparing their foods with preservatives, chemicals and adulteration. Who eats frequently this adultered food, hotelling and fast food they have high incidence of stomach cancer.

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