HIV vaccine

HIV vaccine

Hiv vaccine has been discovered.

There is a very very special news for the world. this news is related to HIV AIDS. HIV AIDS is a very fatal disease. Till date there is nothing to cure HIV AIDS. No medicine discovered to cure aids yet.

Every country in the world appointed many scientist to discover medicines for HIV AIDS. But there are little bit success observed till date.

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There is a breaking news came about the HIV vaccine. The news is that scientist are finally discovered the vaccine over HIV virus. Yes you are reading right. Finally scientists have discovered the HIV AIDS vaccine. let’s find out the details.

HIV medicine


Scientist have worked day and night to Discover this vaccine. They have taken many trials over chimpanzees, gorillas and other small monkeys. Many of these trial fails but finally after tremendous effort, scientists have discovered the hiv vaccine.

When this vaccine is injected in the body of the monkeys. After some days the HIV antibodies that means that the antibodies which kills the HIV virus has been formed in monkeys. After some days scientist have introduce the live HIV virus in monkeys.

Then they have shocked to see the result. Anti HIV antibodies which are produced by monkeys have totally killed the HIV viruses. PCR test, viral load test and Elisa for HIV test have came negative for these monkeys.

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The only thing is that this vaccine is only injected in monkeys. This vaccine is not injected in humans so far. The trial is not taken in humans. But scientist are thinking that as monkeys are the ancestors of humans.

DNA of both humans and monkeys are are almost same. Then there is a hope that as monkeys have reacted to the vaccine, humans also react in such a way. Human body will also produce anti HIV antibodies.

Let’s hope for the best and pray to the God that this vaccine will produce result on humans. If this happens then the day will definitely come when HIV AIDS infection gets totally eradicated from that world. Hope for the best.

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