Blood pressure medication names

Blood pressure medication names

Blood pressure medication names – This is second part of hypertension. In 1st part, i have explained about high BP causes, side effects  of hypertension and symptoms of high BP. So you must have to check first part.

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Hypertension precautions

You should eat very less amount of salt. you should warn your mother or wife not to add excess salt in your food. Very spicy and fried items, ghee and buttery items you should avoid totally.

It is best to avoid non veg items. That means meat, chicken, eggs. you can eat fish only, but only fish curry not that fried fish and Spices fish.

You should perform 45 minutes of exercise daily. exercise mean if you are above 40 then you can try fast walking  or simple walking. if your age is below 40 then you may run, skip ropes,  cycling exercise. Exercise should be done at least 5 days a week, for at least 45 minutes a day.

It is better to avoid smoking, drinking, Pan, Bidi, Gutka and other addictions totally.

For removal of stress Pranayam and yoga are the best alternatives. salted items like Papads, pickles  And dried fish also best avoided.

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Precautions for high blood pressure 

If your doctor detects you as hypertensive patient. Then you should strictly follow the following tips. physician will prescribe you the  tablets. You should take the tablets regularly. Many patients have asked me why should I  take the tablets regularly? is there any addiction to that tablets? or is there any side effect of that tablets?

I will totally Assure you that there is not any addiction to that hypertension tablet. Then you will think why I am telling you to take BP tablets regularly?  Because one tablets acts only for 24 hours. That means one tablet can control your BP only for a day.

 If you forget to take a tablet next day, then your BP start Rising. This process will only stop when you take antihypertensive tablets. So it is very important to take  tablets daily without interruptions.

As other allopathic medicines, antihypertensive tablets also have some side effects. Many people experience side effects with different tablets. The side effects are headache, giddiness, palpitations etc. If you experience them then you consult your doctor. They will change the tablets that suits you.

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Tips to control BP

If you want to be healthy forever,without any side effects of increased BP? so you should take in mind two important things- first to take hypertension tablets regularly, daily without missing any tablet. And second consult your doctor at least once in 2-3month. Check your BP regularly by visiting your  nearby GP. Or else you can take a digital BP apparatus at home to check your BP.

Blood pressure medication names

There are much more allopathic medicines to control BP. such as t. LIPIN5 ,t. amlipAT,  T. telmikind h etc. But these tablets better to be given by your physician. He will Thoreau inspect you and give you best medicine.

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Here I am telling you the Ayurvedic medicines for Hypertension. That you can buy in any Ayurvedic Medical Store. first for mild hypertension is-

1. Tablet ABANA ,  doses 2 tablets 3 times a day after meal. second 2. PUNARNAVASAVA- it is a liquid formulation.  Dose- 3 teaspoonful of punarnavasav mixer in equal amount of water and Taken 2 times a day.

If these measures fails to control your BP. Or your BP is too high,   then along with these two remedies you should add  T.ab. SARPAGANDHA  Vati to this regimen. sarpagandha Vati should be taken 2 tablets 3 times a day.

That’s all for now. Please strictly follow these instructions to keep your Blood pressure in control.

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