Birth control methods

Birth control methods

Birth control methods- Todays subject is little bit different. But it is also very important. Time is changed now. Today’s couple don’t want child early. They prefer to enjoy their sex lives. In 21st century girlfriend boyfriend GF bf culture is very common. They are sexually active.

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If by mistake girl became pregnant,this condition is very troublesome for them. In both of the cases every person should know the family planning methods and birth control methods.

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Family planning methods

Condom- condom is very simple and reliable method. Success rate is above 99%. Condom is easy to use and easy to Remember. Condom should be used each and every time of sex. It is easily available in every Medical Store.

Emergency pills- by mistake if you forgot to wear condom or condom got a tear. then this condition is called as unprotected sex. your girlfriend or your wife should take an emergency pill. name of that pill is tablet unwanted 72.

This tablet should be taken under 72 hours of sexual exposure. 72 hours means 3 days. But you should take this tablet as early as possible to increase the chances of not getting pregnant.

If this tablet is not available then the other contraceptive pills, Mala D or Mala n. Doses- two tablets of Mala D has to be taken at a time. This is also more effective in avoiding pregnancy.

Safe or unsafe period- normal menstrual cycle measuring 26th day to 32 days. This varies from ladies to ladies. This is called as one cycle. first day of bleeding is supposed to be first day of menstrual cycle.

Average MC last for 28 days. In 28 days menses safe period is first day to 10th day and 19 mth day to 28 day. That means in this period you can perform sex freely. Unsafe period is from 11th day to 18th day. That means sex in this period is prohibited.

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Birth control pills name

Contraceptive pills- This measure is very helpful for married couples. These tablets can be started at anytime after marriage. This pack has 21 tablets 1 pack. 1st tablet is started at first day of menses to 21 th day of menses.

Some packs contents 7 extra tablets ( hematinic). These tablets to be taken from first day to 28 th day. Brand names are Mala D and Mala n tablet. This is older method of contraception.

Cu-t. Copper t is the best treatment for spacing some years between two consecutive births. This method is only used after first child. This method helps to keep distance between two childrens. Copper t is kept in uterus. The life of one copper t is 3 to 5 years.

If you want more contraceptive years, then you should insert another copper t. It is very easy to become pregnant only by removing copper t. Insertion should be done by specialised person that means gynecologist.

FeMale condom- as we heard about male condom there is female condoms also. This condoms are used by females during coitus.

birth control operations

contraceptive operations- some operations are for males and some are for females. Vasectomy done for males. in this operation, the semen carrying tube is tied and blocked. so the sperm can’t enter into the uterus.

About this vasectomy operation there is many rumours. That , this operation causes lack of sexual Desire and the p***** erection is lost after after that operation. But I will confidently clarify that vasectomy operation don’t diminishes your sexual Desire and not causes diminished erection. You can fully enjoy your sexual life as earlier.

Tubectomy or tubal ligation is the contraceptive operation done in females. In this operation fallopian tube is tied and blocked. Fallopian tube is the tube carrying ovum from ovary to the uterus. It causes mechanical barrier in pregnancy.

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other birth control methods

spermicidal gels- This gel is applied by a female in her private part before coitus. It helps in contraception.

Hormonal injections and patches – these are testosterone and oestrogen injections and patches given subcutaneously or applied over the skin. It causes effective contraception. This needs expert supervision, so it is better to be taken on prescription of Gynecologist. These all are family planning methods explained.

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