W h o organisation

W H O organisation

W h o organisation- We all know w h o. I am asking you the long form of w h o. You got surprised na? that I am a doctor, why I am asking you the long form of w h o. Many of you have know the long form of w h o. W h o meaning.

W H O meaning

The long form of W H O organisation is World Health Organisation. but in recent months W H O has done some extraordinary work. So I am calling it as a World 😂😆hansi😁🤣 Organisation. That means World laughter organisation. Why I am calling it such as ? so let’s know.

W H O news

In recent months two statements has been released by w h o. This statements makes me laugh. And the whole world laughed on it.

The first statement is , W H O has given clean chit to China For spreading the coronavirus. W H O has stated that China has no role in initiation covid-19 pandemic or spreading covid-19 pandemic.

W H O has been has sent a team to evaluate involvement of China in spreading covid-19 pandemic . This team has been travelled all over the China.

They have gone to wuhan city, the city in which first covid-19 patient has been found. And the world first lockdown has been implemented. Where the controversial virus lab is situated.

They searched a lot , but they can’t find anything. So they have declared china as innocent in spreading covid-19 pandemic. This makes whole world laugh. Because all world had know , that first covid 19 person is found in China and China has spead coronavirus to world.

w h o organisation

Recently a second statement has been released. This statement is about injection remdesivir. W H O Carried a study about remdesivir effectiveness. And they found remdesivir ineffective in covid-19 patient . Also they have not found remdesivir effective in controlling death rate. They have said that , there is no role of remdesivir on curing covid-19 patient.

What could I say after listening this nonsense things from w h o. I have no words to describe this nonsense study. I have severe headache after listening this. This is laughter punch for me.

Remdesivir is very effective in covid-19 patient. I have observed personally . It bring downs covid-19 symptoms in 6 to 8 hours of Administration . you can ask any of the doctor in the world. They will say the same. except WHo.

Remdesivir has miracle effect on covid 19 patients. This is a key factor in saving the lives. Patient will return from ventilator to normal with this injection. It has vital role in curing the patient.

I think W H O has carried carried out this study in aliens only. If they have carried out the study in covid-19 human patients , then there is no there no any possibility of such a stupid result.

After considering these two examples. It makes clear that , WWE is no more a reliable organisation. China has funded it for making W H O in his favour .

So because of that, I am calling W H O Organisation as World 😄😂Hansi😁🤣 Organisation or World laughter organisation.

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