How gout is diagnosed

How Gout is diagnosed

How Gout is diagnosed – todays subject is gout. Gout is a disease related to joints. Like other diseases, joint diseases these are Arthritis, simple Arthritis , rheumatoid arthritis, joint swelling, joint sprain etc.

There are symptomatic difference much more in gout and other joint diseases. Today I am telling you the whole and scientific knowledge of gout. That means causes and types of gout. How gout is diagnosed . Gout remedy and gout leg . Symptoms of gout, diagnosis and treatment of gout. so let’s start.

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what is gout?

Gout is a crystal deposition disease, in which uric acid crystals and Calcium crystals are deposited. 90% are uric acid crystals and 10% calcium crystals. Where they are the get deposited ? connective tissues and cartilage of the joint.

This disease affects primary, the lower part of human body. That means , especially small joints are affected. The first metatarsocarpal joint of toe of foot. As disease progresses upper body joints and larger joints gets affected.

Gout is male prominence disease. In total 10 patients of gout and only one woman and nine patients are Male.

Common sites of gout । gout leg।

The first metatarsophalangeal joint of of Greater toe. This is the first sight, then smaller joints of fingers, finger joints of hands and feet. Wrist joints and ankle joint , elbow joints are affected lastly.

Causes of gout

First and the most important cause is kidney failure. Kidney failure leads to inappropriate uric acid clearance. Through urine, blood uric acid level increases and excess amount of uric acid gets deposited in joints.

Simple Arthritis and joint damage are predisposing factors. If patient is on chronic diuretic therapy for years. Then it forces to accumulate uric acid in joint.

Excess and heavy bear drinkers are prone to gout. Because it has excess amount of crystals. And last cause is hereditary. That means this disease runs in families , from grandfather to father , from Father to Son.

Gout types and symptoms

Acute gout – if anyone experience these symptoms first in their life, then this is called as acute gout. The joint is the most affected is first metatarsophalangeal joint of Greater toe of foot.

The symptoms are severe pain at the site affected joint. Swelling, tenderness. Patient describes it as the worst pain in the life . It mostly stars at morning and become worst in 4 to 6 hours. This is self limiting condition and gets cured within 10 to 14 days.

Recurrent gout – after the first episode of acute gout . Recurrent attacks comes every after one year to 8 months. This possesses the same symptoms of acute gout but in lesser amount.

With every new next episode , the symptoms are lesser in extent. That means symptoms goes on decreasing with each and every new episode.

Chronic gout – After 10 years of acute gout , the condition appears named chronic gout. In between 10 years , continuous crystal deposition in joint occurs, resulting in chronic gout.

The symptoms are , nodules are formed over the joints of fingers, elbows wrist etc. Because of the Crystal deposition the colour of nodules turns to White. Some nodules oozes out White crystals with serous fluid.

How gout is diagnosed

How doctor can diagnose your disease? the first and most reliable Diagnostic feature is nodule aspiration with needle. The material inside nodule is aspirated and sent to histopathologist. If uric acid and Calcium crystals found, the diagnosis is confirmed.

Serum uric acid level and urine uric acid level is tested. Elevated levels confirm the diagnosis.

The treatment of gout । gout remedy

In acute attack – pain and swelling is controlled with painkillers and steroids injections.

The main and the long term treatment is tablet zyloric 100 mg to 300 MG once in a day. The content is allopurinol. This helps in flush out blood uric acid through urine.

It brings down serum uric acid level and prevents crystals to deposit in joints. In some patients treatment should be continued till lifelong.

For nodules – there is needle aspiration and intra articular steroid injection treatment is preferred. In which crystal deposited in nodules are separated with the help of needle and the space filled with steroid injection.

Steroid helps to get down pain , swelling. And after this treatment nodules regresses in their siz.

How gout is diagnosed discussed in detail. W H O organisation

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