Treatment for mucormycosis

Treatment for mucormycosis – the disease causes 100s of eye removal

Treatment for mucormycosis – Peoples which are recently recovered from covid-19 disease, they are under fear of mucormycosis. Mucormycosis is attacking the patient which are recently cured form covid-19.

There are more than 111 cases found in India. Mucormycosis is a very serious disease. Some people lost their eyes because of that and some lost their lives. Mucormycosis means black fungus disease.

So today we are discussing about why black fungus disease is spreding after covid-19 ? Mucormycosis causes symptoms and treatment also. Treatment for mucormycosis, black fungus disease in india. so let’s start.

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What is mucormycosis

Mucormycosis is a fungus disease like ringworm infection. But this is very serious disease. Theere is only 10 to 50% chances of survival . This has very poor prognosis.

Causes of black fungus disease in india

Low immunity is the first and main cause. In which diseases people gets low immunity? These are HIV AIDS, cancer patients , chemotherapy patients. Diabetes patients -which have persistent high blood sugar level.

Organ transplant patients – liver transplant , kidney transplant , skin grafting patients . which needs to be put on immunosuppressive drugs for longer time . These Peoples have low immunity , so they are prone to mucormycosis.

But what is the reason why black fungus cases are happening after covid-19 . There are long term steroid use, heavy antibiotic and antiviral uses ( injection remdesivir and tablet fabiflu).

This causes complete eradication of bacteria and viruses and makes empty ground for growth of fungus. This lowers immunity and low immunity is favourable to fungus .

Symptoms of mucormycosis

Black fungus firstly attacks the Sinus , frontal sinus , temporal sinus . Second is lungs and third is brain.

If brain is involved then one sided paralysis , one sided weakness, swelling over one sided face, tingling numbness is observed .

If lungs are involved, then breathlessness, chest pain ,wheezing, low oxygen levels are the symptoms.

In India the patient found are mostly of sinus infection. Frontal sinus , Eyes , facial skin and ear is involved.

Symptoms of this type are conjunctivitis , eye redness , watering eyes, swelling around eyes and Eye Pain. Facial skin over sinus , inside the nose, throat and ear firstly gets inflamed and becomes red. Pain, erythema , tenderness are the other symptoms.

As disease progresses , facial skin , inside the nose , throat becomes black. Skin turns black and black oozing comes out through nose.

Diagnosis of mucormycosis

Snab taken from nose eyes and facial skin are sent to lab. If fungus found in this, then diagnosis of mucormycosis is confirmed.

Treatment for mucormycosis

Antifungal treatment is given. Oral antifungal are of no use. There must be IV antifungal intravenous treatment should be given.

Surgery for mucormycosis and black fungus disease in India

Surgery is the mainstay of the treatment. Infected tissues of brain, lungs , sinuses, eyes , ear , facial skin must be removed by surgery.

This acts as reservoir for infection. It helps to spread fungus all over the body.

Fungus makes the skin and affected organs dead. So there is better to remove these tissues and organ. That is must if doctor wants to save the patient’s life.

This is why, recently the ladies undergone the eye removal operation and some patients undergone skin removal. Treatment for mucormycosis explained in detail. How gout is diagnosed.

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