White patches skin

5 important things that you don’t know about White patches skin

White patches skin- Today’s topic of article is vitiligo. Vitiligo means white patches on human body. Especially in Sun exposed areas. vitiligo has much more negative social impact. People in our society prefers to stay away from such patients.

Some people even don’t talk with them. There are some rumours spread in our society. These rumours causes negative social impact.

In this article I am giving you the scientific clarification on such rumours . Also causes of vitiligo skin and treatment of white patches face . Treatment of white patches skin. so let’s start.

What is vitiligo skin

Vitiligo means white patches on human body. White patches comes especially on the sun exposed areas. Which are face, around the eyes and the lips scalp area. Also fingers of hands elbow joint , back , neck etc.

Pathology of white patches skin

Melanocytes are the cells present in in normal healthy skin. Melanocytes produces melanin. Melanin stains the human skin and this is the main factor responsible for the normal skin colour.

In vitiligo patients, melanocytes are killed by some Pathology. If there is no melanocytes , then how melanin is produced? if there is no melanin then how skin gets natural colour? so white patches are formed.

Causes of vitiligo disease

There are two theories are put for melanocyte destruction. First is viral infection which kills the melanocytes and second theory is- vitiligo is an autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune diseases are in which, human body forms antibodies against their own cells. In vitiligo antibodies are formed against melanocytes and melanocytes are getting killed.

Other reasons are Sunburn, caused by sun exposure heavy sun and UV rays exposure . Chemical burns – the person who works in chemical factories and the labours which came recurrently in contact with Chemicals causes chemical burns.

Today’s stressful life, heavy stress causes white patches. After an accident or a heavy injury or cut, there is a possibility of white patches in injured areas or in normal skin.

Treatment of white patches face

If white patches are in number 1-2 and in small size , then there is much more possibility of complete cure. You have to consult a Dermatologist and take a regular treatment for 4 to 6 month.

If white patches are many in number and all over the body and the duration is more than one year. Then there is low to no chance of cure.

So Consulting Dermatologist early and completing the course and the treatment given by the doctor, are the mainstay of treatment.

Doctor may prescribe a cream to apply over white patches, may give a tablet to take at morning and ask you to expose the spacific area to Sun after 2 hours.

Some doctors give you a phototherapy. The treatment is depending upon your size and exposed areas.

Precautions white patches lips

Total avoidance of sun and uv Ray’s exposure is necessary. Don’t go out door from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. You can go outdoor in morning and evening.

But you have to cover your face and hands with cotton clothes. Alternately apply sunscreen over face and hands. Otherwise there is a chance of skin cancer.

Rumours of vitiligo disese and their solution

There are much more rumours spread about vitiligo. These are vitiligo is contagious disease and spread through skin to skin contact.

Some says , this is airborne or waterborne disease. So I am telling you that, this is totally wrong. You can leave with this patient , can touch them , you can hug them. There is no such a possibility of you getting this diseases.

Some says that eating fish , eating white substances – like white sugar, white bread, potato , milk paneer etc. are the causes. Some says that some sour fruits like orange, lemon, sweet lemon, amla, pickle are the causes.

This is totally wrong. Eating of any sour fruit , white substances or any kind of fish dont causes vitiligo. So this is better to let these rumours go.

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