Conjunctivitis bacteria

Conjunctivitis bacteria

Conjunctivitis bacteria – conjunctivitis bacteria vs viral is a very common disease. Pink eye is other known name. This disease came in epidemics.

That means many peoples may suffer at a time. If conjunctivitis occurs in one person of our family then there is a most chance to get it by other peoples. childrens are more susceptible for conjunctivitis than elderly.

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Conjunctivitis came into Special Season. Special season is summer season. March, April, May is the summer season in India. The disease has already started. This is highly contagious one. Normal person came into close contact of deseased then he also suffers.

Allergic conjunctivitis viral, bacterial

There are three types of conjunctivitis. Depending upon causes, conjunctivitis is classified into allergic conjunctivitis, conjunctivitis bacterial and conjunctivitis viral.

Conjunctivitis symptoms

First and most important sign is pink eye. white portion of the eye becomes pink. So it is also called as pink eye. Irritation is severe. Itching also occurs. The surrounding portion of the eye becomes more swollen. In some cases pain is prominent behind the eye.

The characteristic sign is – If you wake up in the morning, then you can’t open your eyes. This happens because of sticky eyelids. Eyelids becomes sticky because of yellowish pus formed into eye.

Conjunctivitis treatment

If you diagnose that you are suffering from conjunctivitis. Then many people self medicate himself, or take medicines on advice of pharmacist. Some people consult to their family doctors.

But in so many cases they observe that there is no instant relief or confirm cure occurs. Now I am telling you the complete and instant cure of conjunctivitis.

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Tobra D eye drops or Tobrastar eye drops. Tobra star is a product of mankind that you can get anywhere in the medical store. This have tobramycin as content. Dose 4 drops in each eye three times a day. There is a course of seven days.

Though symptoms gets vanished in 2 days, course of 7 days should be completed. This is important to instill drops in both the eyes. Because if one eye gets , infected there is much more chance to infect second eye.

Moxiflox eye drops alternative flux eye drops this is also mankind product that you can get anywhere those is same for drops three times a day in both eyes there is a course also a course of seven days

caution in conjunctivitis bacteria

Tobrastar drops cures almost 99% of cases. But in 1% of cases if no cure occurs. Then moxiflox eye drops is the best choice. But these drops should be taken on prescription of a registered medical practitioner. Don’t self medicate yourself. Consult to your family doctor. They can give tablet okacet for watery eyes or itching. Or any other pain killer for pain.

Precautions in pink eye

If you are suffering from conjunctivitis then avoid close contact of your family members. Visit the family doctor early and complete the course of medicines.

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Stay fit stay healthy.

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