Heat stroke symptoms

Heat stroke symptoms

Heat stroke symptoms- summer season has started. Now April, May and June are the summer season in India. In my city Sangli there is 39 degree celsius temperature on an average. But last 4 to 5 years temperature has risen to 41 degree Celsius . Some cities in India have experienced 46 degree Celsius to 48 degree Celsius temperature.

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In this tremendous heat, peoples may suffer from heat stroke. Some people call it as sunstroke. Heat stroke is an medical emergency. It can leads to death. As you heard earlier or read in newspaper, many peoples may die because of sun stroke.

So all you should know the symptoms of heat stroke, sunstroke, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. In emergency you can save one person’s life.

Heat stroke vs heat exhaustion

Sun stroke has two different types- first is heat exhaustion and second is heat stroke. Body temperature normally ranges to 37 degrees. If body temperature rises between 38 to 40 degree Celsius, it leads to heat exhaustion. The symptoms of heat exhaustion are.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion


Excessive sweating, giddiness due to loss of water content from body. headache, hyperacidity, nausea and vomiting due to low water level in body. patient’s BP may fall rapidly, it leads to high pulse rate.

If temperature for the Rises from 40 degree Celsius to 42 degree Celsius, heat stroke happens, the symptoms of sun stroke are.

Sun stroke symptoms

Patient may experience all the heat exhaustion symptoms. In addition to this symptoms mental confusion, irritability, patient can’t speak fluently. Also he can’t understand what we speak. In extreme cases patient may loose consciousness.

Childrens below 5 years and elderly persons above 60 years are most suspicious to sun stroke. If you are observe these symptoms in your relatives, families and friends. Then what should you do first?

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Treatment of heat stroke

Give the patient head low position. Head low position means, head of the patient always be in lower position, than heart level. First let the patient lie down and give the pillow under feet.

Remove all the unnecessary clothes. Pour Ice cold water over the body of the patient. Sponge the body regularly with Ice cold water. Start fan, cooler and ac on high speed.

If patient become conscious, then give him juice, coconut water, cold drinks, kokam sharbat and cold water. Then visit to your nearest family doctor.

If patient can’t become conscious with these efforts, then hospitalize the patient immediately. Don’t waste the time. If patient is conscious but in mentally confused state or irritable. Then also hospitalised him. These patients can better managed in hospital.

Stay fit stay healthy.

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