QUARANTINE definition

Quarantine definition

Quarantine definition – coronavirus is increasing the tension of whole world. Coronavirus is the major outbreak taking out many lives everybody. Government has told you the protective measures and precautions about covid-19. You all know the hand washing and other measures.

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We are hearing two words repeatedly in this situation. Some people can’t get the exact meaning of these words. These two words are Quarantine and isolation. This article gives you the detailed information about these two. Also gives you difference between Quarantine and isolation.

What is quarantinee

Quarantine definition

  1. Quarantine – means keeping away the suspect case from healthy population.
  2. which cases get quarantined? firstly- the person who came from covid-19 suffering country and second who came in close contact of covid-19 patient. Close contact means, persons who came under 2 metre of distance for 15 minutes, of covid-19 patient. The family members of covid-19 patient, police, doctors and nurses. These peoples accidentally came in close contact with that patient without any PPe kit. These all should be Quarantined.

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Quarantine date ideas

14 days is the quarantine period.There are two types, first in quarantine centres made by government and second is home Quarantine.

There should be 2 metre distance at least from 1 person to other. Anyone is not permitted to touch Glass and platees of the suspect. He should wash his plates by own. Dry cleaning is must for suspect’s clothes. Doctors and Healthcare workers should wear PPe kit for examination.

If you are home quarantine, then you should stay in separate room with attached toilet. Any one of your family member can’t enter in your room. Make at least 2 metre distance from your family member all the time. You should not go anywhere from your Centre or from your home at any cost.

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Isolation meaning

Quarantine period is of 14 days . Health workers are monitoring your status everyday. if you feel the cold, coughing and Breathless symptoms, then they will examine you for covid-19.

The throat swab taken and send to laboratory. If your reports came positive then you were shifted to isolation centre. If you report is negative, then after 14 days you get released.

Government civil hospital and big private hospitals are chosen for isolation centers. This is the place where covid-19 patients gets treatment. ICU setup, ventilators, defibrillators, doctors nursing staff and monitor etc. All facilities are available in isolation center.

One should have to stay in isolation centre still the two consecutive throat swabs came negative for covid-19. Then patient shifted towards quarantine Centre for another 14 days.

All information given about quarantine vs isolation. Stay fit stay healthy.

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