For kidney stone pain

For kidney stone pain

This article is for kidney stone pain- kidney stone is very common disease. This is a hereditary disease. Kidney stone mostly found in tropics. Because of high temperature and low water intake.

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Patient may become restless, because of unbearable pain. Some feel kidney stone blood in urine. Some experience kidney stone back pain. Many patients are suffering every year. So everybody should know the symptoms, types of kidney stones and kidney stone allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment.

Symptoms of kidney stones

  1. Kidney stone back pain -Pain in loin and groin area- Severe pain occurs in loin and groin area. It starts suddenly and lasts for 5 to 10 minutes. Pain reoccurs after sometime. Pain mostly occure in lower abdomen. This pain is unbearable and patient can’t sit at 1 place.
  2. Burning micturition – Burning sensation during urination.
  3. Increased frequency of urine- Patient may feel urgency for urination. patient may urinate frequently after every half to one hour.
  4. Fever with chills – High grade fever with chills is characteristic symptoms of kidney stones. chills means feeling of cold and shivering.
  5. Kidney stone Blood in urine – Urine colour turns to red. It occurs because of red blood cells in urine.
  6. Nausea and vomiting – Nausea is feeling of vomitus. Vomiting means expel out gastric contents forcefully.

types of stone

According to contents, which forms the stone- kidney stones have four types.

First calcium stones- 90% of the stones are formed from calcium.

Second magnesium stones- 5% stones are of magnesium stones.

Third type is uric acid stones and fourth is of drugs that we take frequently for long duration.

According to sites where stones are formed- there are three types.

First kidney stones- stones that formed in Kidneys. Second ureteric stones- Ureter is a hollow tube that allows to pass urine from kidney to the bladder. Third bladder stones- bladder is a organ that stores urine.

Diagnosis of stones

  • X-ray KUB- This is a x-ray of kidney ureter and bladder. It can diagnose 90% of stones.
  • U S G abdomen and pelvis- This is sonography of stomach it can diagnose 99% of stones.
  • IVU- intravenous program , it is costly and risky procedure, so many doctors are avoiding now a days.

medicine for kidney stone pain

Small sized stones can be dissolved by Ayurvedic treatment. Small size means less than 3 mm in kidney and bladder, and less than 7 mm in ureter.

Ayurvedic treatment for stones

  1. Chandraprabha Vati – 2 tablets 3 times a day. Plus punarnavasav- 4 teaspoonful mixed in equal amount of water, two times a day. Or
  2. Gokshuradi guggulu- 2 tablets three times a day after meal. plus varunadi kadha- four teaspoonful mixed in equal amount of Water 2 times a day. or
  3. Tablet cystone (Himalaya), 2 tablets 3 times a day ,plus punarnavasav- 4 teaspoonful of liquid mixing in equal amount of water two times a day.

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Allopathic treatment of stones

There is no medicine in allopathy for dissolving stones. Painkillers are given for instant relief. Antibiotics are given for urinary tract infection.

Alkalizer liquid- liquid cital, processes some property on stone. Dose- 2 tsf full of liquid cital mixed in one glass of water two times a day.


Hydrotherapy is the special treatment in allopathy for small stones. In which two 500 ml saline are given rapidly in one hour. In second saline, injection lasix and injection buscopan is given. Injection lasix is diuretic and buscopan is smooth muscle relaxant.

RL, N S and DNS are used for that purpose. Some doctors use three points. means three salines at a time. This procedure should repeated 3 in three consecutive days. Hydrotherapy flush out 99% of small stones.

Side effects of mobile

Lithotripsy for kidney stone pain

It is the famous procedure and most valuable for large stones. large means more than 3 mm in kidney and bladder and more than 7 mm in ureter.

In this procedure, small shock waves are generated outside the body. Shock waves are actually sound waves. larger stones are broken down into smaller ones and then these stones are flushed with Ayurvedic or treatment for hydrotherapy.

Lithotripsy don’t needs cut or injury. This procedure is done over the skin and don’t need to stay in hospital.

kidney stone removal surgery

For larger stones more than 15 mm, endoscopic operation is best choice. Open skin surgery is done in very rare cases.

Precautions in stone patient

There are some tips to prevent formation of stones.

  • Drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water daily.
  • Use very less amount of salt in day to day diet. Avoid pickles, papad and dried fish totally.
  • Eat very low amount of protein. avoid meat, chicken, egg totally.
  • Take more calcium in regular diet. One glass of milk daily is sufficient.

By following these measures you will experience when kidney stone passes away.Stay fit stay healthy.

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