Dengue fever symptoms

Dengue fever symptoms

Dengue fever symptoms – Mosquitoes are responsible for many diseases. Dengue is most dangerous of all. This is a killer disease. In India thousands of patient died due to dengue fever, every year. The patient count is going high and high, day by day. Some people have dengue fever rash over body.

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Everybody should aware of dengue symptoms. Early signs are detectable for every person. This blog gives you the scientific knowledge of dengue and its symptoms.

Symptoms of DENGUE fever

This is a Vector Borne Disease. The vector is edes Egypty mosquito. The female of Egypt mosquito is a carier. Bite of that female mosquito causes disease. These mosquitoes mainly bite at early morning or evening.

This is a viral disease. That means it is caused by a virus. Name of that virus is Dengue virus. After bite it takes 4-7 days to shows some symptoms. These are the early signs . These are very important signs to know.

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Early signs of dengi

  1. High grade fever – Suddenly the temperature rises 102 F to 103 degree F. Continuous and high grade fever. This fever don’t have any specific pattern for fever. Fever resolves spontaneously by its own, and reappear after sometime.
  2. Temporal headache- Severe headache appers especially on forehead, eyes a and the portion behind the eyes. This is the characteristic sign of fever .
  3. Nausea and vomiting- Hyperacidity increases resulting in frequent vomiting.
  4. Body ache and backache.
  5. Red rash – 50-80% patient experience the red rash over skin. It is characteristic Rash occur in Dengue patient. Fever with rash confirms diagnosis.
  6. Bleeding through nose and mouth- Bleeding occurs through nose, mouth sometimes in anus and penis. Because of that bleeding tendencies, dengue fever also known as dengue hemorrhagic fever.

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Signs of dengue critical phase

Febrile phase last for seven days. After that critical phase starts. Symptoms of critical phse are-

1. Hypotension and bradycardia- BP and Pulse rate decreases gradually.

2. Extreme fatigue- patient may feel lots of weakness.

3. Loss of consciousness and giddiness- Patient may become irresponsive and drowsy.

These are the dangerous signs. You should consult physician as early as possible.

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