Symptoms of asthma attack

Symptoms of asthma attack

Symptoms of asthma attack – 8 May is world asthma day. World asthma day is celebrated from 1998. Intention is very clear. Everybody should know the scientific knowledge of asthma.

People should make aware of asthma symptoms. The main intention is to make people conscious about asthma and COPD.

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Asthma symptoms and signs

Asthma has its own set of symptoms. Some are early signs of the disease.

Early signs of asthma

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  1. Coughing-extreme coughing is the main and important sign. coughing specially increases at night. Exercise also increases coughing. Coughing increases after continuous laughing.
  2. Wheezing – Wheezing is a sound like a whistle at early stages. Wheezing occurs at expiration. Expiration means while releasing the breath.
  3. Breathlessness- Patient can’t take breath freely. Breathlessness episodes occurs at late night and early morning.
  4. Chest tightness and chest pain- Retrosternal pain. Retrosternal means middle of the chest. Feeling of pressure or heavy load on chest.
  5. Insomnia- One can’t complete sleep. This occurs because of night coughing and breathlessness.
  6. Allergic rhinitis- Patient may suffer from cold and sore throat recurrently. Symptoms of allergic rhinitis are running nose, frequent sneezing, headache, mild fever etc.

Symptoms of asthma attack

  1. Extreme wheezing and crepts- Crepitus. Meaning of wheezing I have told you earlier. Crepitus means the sound came when we play with a paper. On extreme cases crepitus and wheezing sound came both the times. When taking inspiration and expiration.
  2. Continuous coughing- coughing can’t be stopped by anything.
  3. Increased respiratory rate RR- To fulfill the increasing demand of oxygen, patient takes short and frequent breaths.
  4. Feeling of increased pressure on throat and chest.
  5. Patient can’t speak. He can’t complete even one sentence. This is the sign of heavy breathlessness.
  6. Signs of cyanosis- face,nails, lips become bluish.
  7. patient became anxious and panic- Diminished blood supply to brain result ine in irrelevant talk and anxiousness.

Here all asthma symptoms and signs explained. Stay healthy stay fit.

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