Self medication

self medication

Self medication is good or bad?. Shocking news came from Delhi. A person sitting on the counter of the medical store, gives the wrong medicine to 2 years old small girl. Then girl met with a reaction causing blood in vomiting. This leads to death of the innocent.

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This incidence is from Delhi, Shahdara area. This girl has suffered from normal cold and viral fever. Her mother does only one mistake, she don’t consult to doctor, instead she goes to medical.

Person sitting on the counter of that medical store, gives her the medicines. Mother gives that medicines to her daughter blindly. According to the police, because of that wrong medicine’s reaction. Girl died.

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Don’t take counter medicines

The news came from Delhi is a lesson for everybody. When the matter came of children’s health then we should take care a lot.

We all should take a lesson from this incident. We should not self medicate ourselves. Don’t buy counter medicines. This takes your life on the verge of danger. Medicine should be given according to patients weight, family history ( BP, sugar, asthma) and any other past reaction to medicine.

On accounting such Condition, this medicines and the doses of medicines should be adjusted. More precaution should be taken while giving the medicines to the small childrens. small childrens should receive the doses according to their weight.

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Only doctor have the knowledge of medicines. Doctors have given their six to seven important years of their life to learn these things. Pharmacist don’t have scientific information about medicines. In some medical stores, there are 10th fail or 10th pass boys and girls working. These boys and girls don’t know the knowledge of drugs.

Stop self medication

Some patient do such things for saving consultation fees of doctors. Some do because of lack of knowledge. You can take acidity, fever, headache tablets by your own or by pharmacist. Maximum you can take 3 to 4 tablets or wait for 2 days for settle down your symptoms. don’t wait more than that.

Some people takes medicines for 10 to 12 days. if the disease is not settle down, then and then only they consult to a doctor. Disease gets cured only when you consult to a doctor and receive proper treatment. If disease progress to a bigger extent, then there is a difficulty in cure and it takes larger time.

If disease progresses to higher stages, then there is no cure. Then you start blaming to doctors. But this is not the doctor’s fault. This is your fault.

you should take medicines after consulting to doctor. Don’t take self medications. complete the course of medicines given by your family doctor.

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