MALARIA vaccine

Malaria vaccine

Malaria vaccine – 25th April is world Malaria Day. This day is celebrated to make people aware of malaria. Malaria is mosquito borne disease. 3.5 crore peoples in the world are suffering from malaria. Out of which about 4.5 lacs dies because of that disease.

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First aim of w h o is to minimise the dead. Death rate of malaria. Who means World Health Organisation. In every disease, there is lots of importance of prevention than cure. This vaccine is much more important in prevention of malaria.

Malawi is an African country. Good news came from that country. Malawi has started Malaria vaccination in their regular vaccination program. let’s see the whole news first. Lets Find out malaria vaccine name.


This vaccine is very essential considering the death. because of that malaria. W H O wants to save as much as life that they can. Vaccine is the only measure to prevent this disease. There are lack of sanitization in our country. we can’t eradicate fully the mosquito species. So prevention is better than cure.

Malaria vaccine name

This is world’s first Malaria vaccine. This vaccine is introduced in 23rd April 2019. This country introduced it in their regular vaccination program. Vaccination has four doses. There is no malaria vaccine side effects noted.

First immediately after birth, second after 3 months of age, third after 6 month of age and forth after 9 months. In present time neighbouring countries of Malawi, Ghana and Kenya will also introduce this vaccine in their regular vaccination program.

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Scientist have worked for more than 30 years to discover this vaccine. Name of this vaccine is RTS-S vaccine. Recombinant protein bassed vaccine. More than 7 countries has taken trial of this vaccine. More than 15000 childrens have already received that vaccine shots.

This vaccine has success rate of around 39%. The success rate is low. Hundred percent success rate is required for total irradigation. But this vaccine has highest success rate than any other previous vaccines.

Considering the deaths due to malaria, 39% success rate is also more important. Who aims to save as much as life as possible.

This is very good news for all the world. Thats the end for now.

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stay fit stay healthy.

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