Side effects of mobile

Side effects of mobile

Side effects of mobile tower- cell phone has become very important thing in our lives. We can’t live without phone. Many boys and girls are addictive to mobile. There are so many benefits of cell phones.

Smartphones made an evolution in human life. In early years, phones was used for only calling purposes. But now a days cell phones have used for watching videos, movies, video calls, Internet surfing and games.

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Side effects of mobile tower

Have you know the side effect of mobiles tower? Recent studies shows that cell phones can cause cancer. let’s see the total list of side effects.

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Mobile radiation are carcinogenic- Heavy use of cell phones can lead to cancer. Cell phone radiations are carcinogenic, recent study shows that.

Human brain gets very affected because of that radiations. 1 can’t concentrate in his work. This problem is mainly seen in students. They can’t learn and can’t understand because of phones. Sleep is also disturbed because of that radiations.

Cell phone side effects

Many big breaking news came from recent days. Smartphones are blasting near the ear or in the pocket of the pants. Blasting leads to many burn injuries. Beyond that 1 shocking news came, one person died because of that mobile. That person slept keeping the smartphone on his chest for whole night.

He is charging the smartphone and phone blasts leading to death of that person. This incidence happens because of over charging of phone. Overcharging leads to increase in temperature of battery. High temperature leads to blast.

Mobile use are strictly prohibited while driving. Many persons use smartphones while driving. It leads to diversion of attention and finally accident. Many peoples are dying in road traffic accidents.

Game addiction – Game addiction is the main problem in youngers. Pubg is the most addictive game of all. Recently the news came that one boy loses his one eye because of pubg. He is playing pubg for continuous 11 hours, after 11 hours he observed diminished vision. Then he rushes to the doctor. After examining both the eyes, doctor declares that the boy has looses his one eye.


Tips to avoid cell phone side effect

Keep away the mobile while sleeping from your head. Don’t overcharge the phone. Do not charge the mobile for overnight. Don’t use the mobile while driving.

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Stay fit stay healthy.

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