Leptospirosis in humans

Leptospirosis in humans

Leleptospirosis in humans – leptospirosis is a bacterial disease. The name of disease causing Bacteria is leptospira. This disease is caused by rodents. Rodents means rat, mice, squirrel, beavers, capybaras.

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This incidents happen when flood comes. Flood kills these animals. These animals are infected with leptospira bacteria. Their dead bodies are spreading them. Leptospirosis in humans spreads through leptospirosis dog and other dead rodents.

Leptospira bacterias may spread through water and soil. Peoples who came into the contact of such infected water and soil gets leptospira infection and may suffer from leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis symptoms

Fever is a characteristic sign along with chills. Fever patient may get chills. Abdominal pain, severe body ache are some symptoms.

The characteristic sign of leptospirosis is – eyes becomes red, pain behind the eyes along with red eyes. Severe headache – headache means frontal and temporal headache. Pain occurs at temporal, behind the eye region and around the ears.

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Some patient main get cold and rhinitis. While some patient may suffer from hyperacidity and nausea.

Diagnosis of leptospira

CBC ( complete blood count), urine routine micro and x-ray are the diagnostic for leptospira bacteria. P.s. of Blood and urine shows the leptospira bacteria and then diagnosis is confirmed.

Treatment of leptospirosis

7 days treatment of antibiotics is enough.

  1. Capsule doxy best 100 mg- content is doxycycline. dose- one capsule two times for first day, then 1 OD, 1 capsule daily for 7 days with antacids.
  2. Tablet azee 500- contains Azithromycin 500mg. Dose- one tablet daily for 5 days with antacid.

Prevention of leptospirosis in humans

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Boil the water for at least 10 minutes . Drink only boiled water. Wash all the fruits and vegetables before cooking. Eat over cooked food. Avoid raw fruits and vegetables.

Wear only plastic boots for doing your day to day work in leptospirosis epidemic. That means while cleaning your house after flood, while taking care of your buffaloes and goats. While working in the farm, going into the the flood water there is must to wear a long plastic boot.

There is better to burn the dead bodies of mice And other rhodent animals. Dont burry them. Because burning of dead bodies destroys all the bacterias. If you get fever and other symptoms, then visit your family doctor early.

Drink only boiled water. Clean your house after flood. Clean all your neighbourhood area, your garden area. Don’t allow the water to stay. If symptoms appears, Then visit your family doctor as early as possible. Complete the course given by them. Do not self medicate yourself.

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Stay fit stay healthy.

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