Diabetes symptoms type 2

Diabetes symptoms type 2

Diabetes symptoms type 2 and diabetes type 1 – Diabetes is one of the most killer diseases of 3. The other two diseases are asthma and hypertension. Diabetes is a silent killer. So you should know all the diabetes symptoms type 2 and what is gestational diabetes symptoms.

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In diabetes patient, blood and urine sugar level is high. High sugar level can’t be diagnosed for years. Many patient knows about their disease accidentally. When they goes to their family doctor, for general check up.

If doctor suspects diabetes, then he advised to check blood sugar levels. When increased sugar level found in blood or urine, then diagnosis is confirmed.

Increased sugar level causes very dangerous effects on heart, kidney and Eyes. So there is much more importance of early diagnosis of diabetes. let’s discuss about early symptoms of diabetes.

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symptoms of diabetes type 2 and type 1

1 frequent urination- The first and the most important sign is increased frequency of urine. Frequency increases especially at night. Urge of urination came every one and half hour.

2. increased thirst- Because of increased frequency of urination, water level in the body gets critically low. It causes the activation of the thirst centre, resulting in excessive thirst.

3. Feeling hungry- Sugar patient may feel hungry. In sugar patient, diabetes patient, sugar level has constantly increasing. But the body cells can’t utilise the sugar. There are constant low insulin level in the blood.

Insulin is must for energy utilisation by the body cells. Cell burn sugar, glucose and fructose in presence of insulin. In absence of insulin body cells can’t get energy through the ATP. Thus brain sends the signal of Hunger.

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Early signs of diabetes

4. Weight loss- Body will start burning the fat, to produce increased need of energy. As time progresses fat content is totally consumed resulting in weight loss.

5. Increased sugar level causes damage to the Eyes. Especially lens, blood vessels and retina. This results into the diminished vision.

6. Non healing injuries-Increased sugar level disturbs blood circulation and capillary circulation of the body. This circulation specially disturber for both the legs. It leads in non healing wound. Non healing wound this on legs called as diabetic foot ulcer.

7. Tingling numbness- Increase sugar level causes damage to the nervous system and brain. This results in the demyelination of nerves. Tingling and numbness occurs on both hands and both feets.

8. Fungal infections- Diabetes causes diminished immunity. Skin of the diabetes patient gets prone to fungal infection.

9. Dark patches- Dark and red patches will appear in in shoulders, back, neck and buttocks.

If the symptoms are seen in yourself or your family and friends, then you should advised to check your blood and urine sugar level. That’s all are symptoms of diabetes type 1 and type 2.

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