Diet for diabetes patient

Diet for diabetes patients

Diet for diabetes patients – Diabetes patient also called as sugar patient. Nowadays diabetes is growing very fast in our society. Diabetes is called as silent killer.

Because it affects much more organs and detoriats their functions slowly. So you must know what to eat or what not in diabetes type 1 and diet for diabetes type 2.

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Causes of diabetes

Primary diabetes is a genetic disease. That means it carries from grandfather to your father and from your  father to you. and so on.  But there are  much more environmental and other factors.

In today’s fast lifestyle, diminished exercise tendencies,over eating of junk foods and fast foods, sitting work in office, stressful life, are the main reasons.

Sugar patient is almost worried about what to eat and what not? what item should he take in what quantity?  So that his sugar level doesn’t rise. so  I am telling you what to eat and what not for sugar patients. Which item should be eaten in which quantity.

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Diet for diabetes patients

Foods to be totally avoided  -Deep fried foods, junk foods, that means pakoda, samosas, pizza, burger, pasta etc. Sweet items that means sugar, sweets, cake, ice creams, cold drinks, Bakery products, thats all should be totally avoided.

Biscuits, bread, Toast, butter, vegetables that contains lots of Carbohydrates, are potatoes, sweet potato, carrot, beet. Sugar containing fruits that means mangoes, guava, bananas, grapes, watermelon, pineapple also better to avoid. smoking, drinking,tobacco chewing, pan should be stopped. Jowar Roti also avoided.

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 Moderately allowed in sugar patient 

Tea, coffee without sugar, any non veg items meat, eggs, chicken should be taken once in 2 month only. And  two to three pieces. Egg allowed only one at a time.

Freely allowed diet for diabetes patients 

All types of green vegetables, onion shimla mirch, cabbage, coliflower, broccoli, tomato, garlic, radish, lady finger, cucumber,Shaggy.

Fruits- Apple, orange, strawberry,  coconut water, green tea, aloe vera juice,.

serials- you can eat plenty of serials. udad daal, Black Beans, mung daal moth beans, toovar Dal pigeon pea.

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Right method to take food by diabetes patient

Unlike other healthy peoples, you should not take two heavy meals. Because it can Rise your blood sugar level suddenly to a very high extent. You have to take frequent and light meals.

You have to take light meals every 4 hours interval.  It is very important to take breakfast everyday at 8 am. lunch at 12:00 p.m,  evening breakfast at 4 p.m. and dinner at 9:00 p.m.

You have to drink 4 to 5 litres of water everyday. keep sugar pouch  in your pocket, or  glaucon d  powder. If  you feel the hypoglycemic symptoms , the symptoms are sudden giddiness, weakness.  Then take a little bit sugar or glucon-d powder then you feel better.

Please strictly follow the diet for diabetes type 2 and 1. Please follow the diet for diabetes patients as mentioned.

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