Fungal infection treatment

Treatment of fungal infection

Treatment of fungal infection – This blog is very important for fungal infection patients.  Specially for those who are very irritated because of that disease.

Some of you having fungal infection for more than one year. It spreads all over the body portion. You are taking medicines for longer time but fungal infection not gets cured. Then this information is only for you.

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Lot of peoples are taking medicines from many doctors. Some people takes medicines by the advice of Chemist. While some self medicate himself.

Sometimes fungal infection doesn’t go  away. It only increases time by time. Then you want firm and aggressive antifungal treatment. That’s why I am  telling you.

Sites of  ringworm infection

Fungal infection can occur anywhere over the body. But some common sites are groin, face, around the neck,buttocks and axilla.

How to diagnose fungal infection?

Extreme itching is the important sign of fungal infection. Patient may itch all over the day. It appears to be round. it also grows circularly and circular manner. the adges of fungal infection are thick but middle portion is thin. The colour appears to be majorly Red but sometimes black.

Causes of ringworm infection 

Excessive sweat is the main reason of fungal infection. Sweat that last for several hours on skin causes fungus to grow. Low immunity, immunocompromised patients, AIDS patients, diabetes, some diseases in which antibiotics had to be given for  longer time. These are the other causes.

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Treatment of fungal infection

First and the most important thing is, don’t self medicate yourself.  Don’t take medicines on the advice of Chemist and anyone. You can only consult to your family doctor or dermatologist.

If your fungal infection sizes small, and counts 1-2 in number. Then dermi 5 cream is the best option. Apply the cream over the lesions,all over the night. Wash the cream while bathing next day. Apply regularly at least A month.

If your fungal infection lesions ageing more than 7-8 days and accounts in the number more than 3. Then along with dermi 5 cream you should apply  katican soap. The content is ketoconazole.

This is a soap used for bathing regularly for 1 to 2 months. There is a precaution should be taken. That this soap should be used by you only. Other family members don’t use it.

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If your fungal infection last for more than one to two months or if it occupies all over the body, Then aggressive treatment needed. This treatment should be taken by Consulting a Dermatologist only. I am giving  you the brief information about the medicines.

 It is cap. Itrabel 200, content is itraconazole 200 . This should be taken once a day after meal every morning. , for at least three months. Second is tablet terbinaforce 250 mg. Content terbinafine. It also taken once a day after a meal at night. At least three months.

Along with these two tablets, there is a best cream called luwill cream. Content is luliconazole. This cream should be applied over the fungal infection lesions at night, keep the medicine all the night and Wash Out next day while bathing. The above tablets will be taken with antacid capsules everyday.

In severe cases along with above 2 tablets and luwill cream; ketoconazole soap should be included in that treatment. Bath everyday with that soap.

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Precautions in fungal infection

For complete cure of fungal infection, you should follow strictly the following instructions. Complete the course of medicines given by your dermatologist. Don’t miss any tablet. Some patient stop the medicine after some time,don’t do that. Because interupted course of medicines don’t cure you completely.

This Disease is contagious disease. That means fungal infection can spread person to person by close contact. So you should stay away from such a patient. Don’t use patients ornaments, such as towel,Watches, clothes etc. Soak the patient’s clothes in boiled water for 10 minutes and then washout.

 So be happy,  take care.

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