Side effects of pets

side effects of pets

Many of us having pets in our house. dogs and cats are most loving pets. most of us having at least one of them. pets are too loyal to trust on them. there are much more examples of pets have saved their owners life.

There are much more benefits of pets, but have you know? pets have much more side effects and pets can put your life in danger. so let’s find out the dangers of pets.

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Side effects of dogs and cats

As per latest study, scientist found that animal dandruff and stool are the main reasons of these side effects. they have dangerous bacterias in their skin and stools; so they can spread not only by the contact but also by air route. that means by breathing root they can enter more easily in human body.

This bacterias can primary attack on gastrointestinal steam and cause IBS. IBS means irritable bowel syndrome. If anyone gets IBS, then he suffers not only from physical disorders but also mental disorders.

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Symptoms of IBS are loose motion for several weeks, followed by normal stool in cyclic manner. patient may suffer from depression and dementia like mental conditions. treatment of; this condition can last for several years but there is no complete cure available Till date. so the IBS patient must have to take medicines lifelong.

dangers of pets

Second and most important disease caused by pets are asthma and allergic rhinitis. They have soil,dust on their body and they can lose their hairs. all that material will be dispersed all over the house this can lead to to spread of dust mites all over the house.

All of these can cause allergic reactions to family members ; specially children’s gets most affected.

Families who have genetic disease of allergic rhinitis and asthma; they should not keep pets in their house. if you have them , leave them as early as possible.

Some asthma patients can get severe asthmal attacks, because of that dust mites. many peoples may suffer seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis.

Third disease is scabies. you have observed so many times that pets are itching too mutch all over the day. It causes many bald areas in their body. this disease is called as scabies.

This is highly contagious disease, humans are also get infected. symptoms are intense itching, especially at night. this disease more affect the lower extremities.

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Rabies is the another disease caused by dog. you all know about that disease. when your dog gets infected of that disease, there is a latent period till the symptoms appear. in that latent period if that Peth bites you, nails you ; you can get the rabies infection and you can suffer from Rabies.

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In rainy season pets are wet. they can make your home dusty and infectious; so that you and your family may suffer from many seasonal infectious diseases.

Side effects of pets

Final conclusion is that, this is the smart choice for everybody that not to have any pets in house. because of the Above reasons, specially for the families having genetic asthma.

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