HIV symptoms

HIV AIDS symptoms

Hiv aids symptoms – Today I want to give you a vital information about HIV AIDS. HIV AIDS is a very dangerous disease. This disease has a very high social stigma.

It causes lot of fear in our society. Many peoples things that, I have sach a symptoms so that, am I suffering from HIV AIDS? Many peoples think like that ; at least once in a lifetime.

So there is nothing to worry. Because I am giving you a very important information about HIV AIDS symptoms. I will give you Thoreau information about each and every signs and symptoms of the disease.

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HIV symptoms in women

  1. appearance of thrush- Thrush is a whitish and yellowish coating, forms on a surface of tongue and inner side of the cheeks. Normal tongue is red in colour and looks fresh. It has no any coating. But in AIDS patient, forms thrush and feels tasteless.

2.Unexpected weight loss – patient may observe sudden and unexpected weight loss. In short duration of time. that means under 1 to 2 months, 5 to 10 kilograms of weight will be put off .

There is no any specific reason or any specific illness. Or any specific mental tension. Weight loss appears without any specific cause. It is an indicator of HIV AIDS.

3. Swollen lymph nodes – lymph nodes are defensive mechanism of body. Majority of them present around the neck, in axilla and groin regions. They are many in numbers and measuring few mm in size.

In HIV, they swells frequently and pains frequently. Patient may experience reduction of symptoms after taking treatment, but reappears after sometime.

HIV virus symptoms

4. TB and pneumonia- HIV virus primarily attacks on Defence mechanism; that is cd4 cells. As the time progresses the immunity of the patients became low. Because of that patient may suffer from TB and pneumonia .

Symptoms of TB and pneumonia are, extreme coughing, that lasts for more than a month, minor fever, chest pain and back pain. Sometimes patient may feel Breathless; coughing increases while lying down and in nights. Blood may come out through nose and mouth while spitting after coughing.

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5. Fever of unknown origin- fever may last for several weeks to months, without any cause. Night sweats are the other important symptom along with fever. Profuse sweating especially at night is the alarming sign of AIDS.

6. Extreme fatigue- patient will feel extremely tired and sleepy . Patient is not willing to perform any work or even a day to day activities. He only willing to sleep.


7. Loose motions – loose motion’s that lasts for months. Loose motions means watery stools; frequency of stools like a water, is called as loose motions.

In AIDS patient loose motions can last for several weeks, to several months. some patients it will come in the form of cycle, 7 to 8 days of normal stools followed by 7 to 8 days of watery stools. If you consult a doctor and take medicines, then it gets cured but reappears after some days.

8. Recurrent mouth ulcers and sores- Patient may suffer from recurrent mouth ulcers. In that condition patient will not tolerate hot foods,drinks and spicy foods.

9. Fungal skin infections- HIV virus causes low immunity. So the patient may experience fungal infection all over the body. Lesions are round with elevated adges.

It appears black to red in colour and with intense itching. that can’t be controlled with aggressive antifungal treatment. Even after 3 month of regular treatment , fungal infection can’t be cured. Then you should think about HIV AIDS.

10 . HIV virus causes brain and nervous tissue damage. it leads to depression, dementia and memory loss; either reversible or non reversible.

11. Skin become so thick and delicate. So that little injury will become major scar and bleed profusely.

12. Person May Suffer multiple and recurrent infections. He will be attacked by many diseases at a time. His body may become too weak to fight that infections.

Every patient may not experience the same symptoms. But they can experience different symptoms with different severity. If you experience anyone of the symptoms, you should consult your family doctor. He will advise you the Elisa test to confirm HIV AIDS.

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