Same blood group marriage problems

Same blood group marriage problems

Same blood group marriage problems- Friends how are you? Are you fine ? so be healthy and fit. Today we discuss about what should be the blood group of the boy and a girl for their marriage,

If the blood group is same for groom and bride then what will happen? is the main question came into the mind of many parents.

Many rumours are surrounding us that , marriage should not be done in same blood group. If not; marriage will be an successful one ,or childrens will not born or elss children will get genetic deformities and congenital malformations.

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Many parents came into our clinic regarding many questions. That my son’s blood group is A positive and girls blood group is also A positive, so what should we do ? marriage should be performed or not? so let’s find out the truth .

types of blood groups

As you all know there are four main types of blood groups , that is A, B ,AB and O. There is subtype in each blood group that is RH factor, if RH factor is present, then blood group is RH positive and if RH factor is not present then blood group is RH negative.

Now total blood group count goes to 8, that is A positive , A negative, B positive, B negative, AB positive,AB negative AND O positive, O negative.

What should be the blood group of bride and groom ?

Practically there is no issue with boys blood group, that means there is no problem for marriage for a boy with any of the 8 blood group.

Also there is no problem for girl ,if girls blood group is RH positive. that means if her blood group is A positive ,B positive , A B positive or O positive then she will marry with any boy of any blood group.

The problem comes when girl with RH negative blood group, that is A negative ,B negative ,O negative and A B negative. Problem comes only when RH negative girl marry with RH positive boy , if RH negative girl marry with RH Negative Boy there is no problem at all.

That means if the girls blood group is O negative and boys blood group is O negative or girl is A negative and boy is AB negative in such cases there is no problem in their marriage.

The issue comes only when RH negative mother that means girl want to marry RH positive boy. That means , suppose girls blood group is B negative and boys blood group is AB positive OR girls blood group is O negative and boys blood group is B positive. In such cases problem comes for second baby only , first baby will be absolutely healthy and fine with no genetic abnormalities.

scientific reason

When RH negative mother carry her first baby in her womb, if the baby’s blood group is RH positive then mother will produce anti RH antibodies. And these antibodies stay forever in her blood . These antibodies not harmful to first baby but dangerous for second one.

When these antibodies will came in contact with second RH positive babies blood. Then it will give rise to antigen antibody reaction. Second baby will suffer bleeding disorders and haemophilia like condition.

solution for same blood group marriages

Now the science is much more evolved. Scientist have discovered the solution. Sollution is that injection RH immunoglobulin. That injection should be given to mother in her 7th month of gestation of first pregnancy . Then her body will no produce anti RH antibodies and there will be no harm to second baby.

Is there such a same blood group marriage problems ?

In 21st century, there is no issues left with blood groups of bride and groom . For their marriages , any boy with any blood group can marry with any girl with any blood group, only you have to narrate all the situation to gynecologist. So that he will manage your case properly and give you RH immunoglobulin injection.

So your first and second baby will born healthy and fit with no congenital abnormalities. There is no such same blood group for marriage problems .

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The end is here, stay fit stay healthy,

thank you ।

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