Varicose veins treatment

Varicose veins treatment

Varicose veins treatment- the subject of today’s article is vericose veins. This is also known as blue veins, some peoples called it as spider veins. In Google there are so many articles over this, but nobody can’t guide you accurately about vericos vens treatment.

Today we are giving you the important knowledge about vericose veins. All treatments available in market, including advanced treatments . Along with that vericos veins causes and vericose veins symptom. so let’s start.

Symptoms of varicose veins । blue veins symptoms

When varicose veins developed fully, then you can palpate it over your legs. Veins gets Swollen and it becomes curly. You can see the swollen and protruding out veins over legs. Veins colour changes to blue.

Any kind of injury over leg, can’t get cure early because of lack of circulation . In such patient, there is second most problem of clotting difficulties. These people can’t make clot in time. Bleeding tendency seen in such patients .

These are the symptoms when vericose veins develops fully. But which are the symptoms and the early signs of blue veins? The signs are heavy legs. Patient may feel heavy legs while walking. They feel some extra weight over legs while walking.

Second is ankle swelling. Legs below knee joint gets swollen. Especially ankles are swollen. Third one is muscle cramps. Muscle cramps is the symptoms specially seen in calf muscles. If anyone tries to walk fast then pain occurs in leg.

Spider veins Causes । causes of varicose veins

The first and the main cause is hereditary . Womens are the most affected than men’s. Hereditary means this disease flows in families. That means from grandmother to mother from Mother to daughter.

Pregnancy is favourable to this condition. Some person are obese. Increased fat content increases spider veins probability. Some people gets this disease after leg injuries. Heavy drinkers, alcoholics surfers from Blue veins , because alcohol weakens veins.

The person who have standing jobs, standing jobs are – conductor, tailor, Barber , security guard etc. this is the reason blood can’t flow through the veins from down to up while standing.

Treatment of varicose veins । spider veins treatment

There are two types of treatments. First is conservative treatment, second is surgical treatment. In conservative treatment there is elastic stockings, leg elevation and Crepe bandage. Leg elevation means you have to put two pillows under your legs while sleeping. This can draw blood from veins to body.

Elastic stockings are the aids specially designed for Varicose veins. That supports collapsed veins. These elastic stockings have to wear like socks over our legs throughout the day.

Some doctor prefers 6 inch Crepe bandage. You have to apply Crepe bandage to your legs, from ankle two thighs.

Varicose veins surgery

Stripping- in this procedure saphenous vein is cut and removed permanently. Saphenous vein carries blood from ankle to heart. This is the most affected veins. After removal of this vein anastomosis occurs and blood flow flows from another small veins.

Ambulatory phleectomy- In this procedure, markings done every after 10 centimetres over vein. 2-3 cm part of saphenous vein is cut and removed. A fter every cut the adges approximated. This leads to straighten the vein.

Sclerotherapy – sclerosing agent used for this purpose . Sclerosing agent is taken in the syringe, with the help of the needle sclerosing agent is injected into the vein . This is injected every after 5 cm into the vein . After that procedure vein gets shrink and reduces their swelling.

Intravenous thermal ablation – In this procedure, heat is produced in the affected veins. With the help of that heat , Swollen veins gets shrink and loses their curlyness. It also hardens the veins.

For thermal ablation there are three types. First is laser treatment, second is radioactive frequency and third is steam ablation. All the above are intended to make heat in veins.

Final conclusion

This is the time for final conclusion. Which treatment is best and effective? if you are in early stage of Varicose veins. Then conservative therapy is best. That is elevation of legs, Crepe bandage and Elastic stockings. This works really well , but you have to continue this treatment for 3 months at least.

If you are alcoholic then give up alcohol. If your job is standing, then change it immediately. For obese persons, there is nothing important than weight loss.

For long-standing and severe blue veins , there is a best treatment. This is steam thermal operation. This is safest af all and most effective. It has duration of action more than 5 years. You can extend it with proper do’s and don’ts.

The second best treatment is sclerotherapy. It is also safe but has smaller duration of action. Steam and sclerotherapy are the most preferable treatments.

If and only if , these two fails then and then only, you have to go with radioactive frequency and laser therapy. These are less effective but you can try this

The other two treatments , which are stripping and Ambulatory phlebectomy are best avoided. I don’t recommend this treatments anymore. Because these treatments caries higher risk of complications. There are many more side effects and less effectiveness.

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